The BIG One…


An abstract from the FOREWORD

“THE BIG ONE is a collection of diverse write-ups on the subject of success and achieving greatness in life from a team of eleven outstanding and energizing authors.
The best way to predict the future is to create it. This staggering idea is embodied in this book. This book is a fusion of poetry and prose, and to some extent laced with stories; some true, others fiction. All with the sole aim of motivating, inspiring and challenging the reader to aspire for the best in life.
Living your dream is always the result of information, inspiration and perspiration. This unique book contains the information and inspiration needed to make any dream come true, leaving you to supply the third which is perspiration. This book’s important message is to live out your imagination and not your history, to hold your vision of the possibility of a better life for you, and yours to take responsibility and excise the faith and power you have within you to create that better life. Each one of us has a story to tell- a story that is very real in fact, such as injustices and dehumanizing experiences, all this do take their toll, sometimes a devastating and debasing toll, perhaps we continually had to scratch and scrape together whatever we could to survive in the face of grinding poverty, and some of this do, in-fact everything we go through in life do affect our future. Yet the difference between being influenced by and determined by is 180 degrees. The point becomes whether or not you will allow yourself to remain victimized or not. This book teaches how to refuse to let that happen…”

Rev. Professor Titus Ade Martins.
President/ Director King of Glory Bible College & Seminary.
(An Affiliate of Vision International University USA)



                COMING SOON!!!

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