Get God Involved 

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​ As a christian youth, i have often struggled with the idea behind understanding one’s purpose. More often than not, i’ve been perplexed with ‘why’ and ‘how’ to accomplish this purpose, even when i seemingly knew what it was. It can really be frustrating when we do not understand why we exist, or for what […]


Happy New Month

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Live a life worthy of Praise- Be happy with who you are…. Have a fruitful month… Much Love, Oluwatosin Olanode *sst* Please follow and like us:


Are You At Your place Of Relevance?

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Darkness is just an adjective That cease to exist with the coming of Light. Her entrance brings Glory, She shines as the evidence of her presence… ‘You are the Light of the world…’ Does the world know you? ‘… a city set on the hill cannot be hid’ Are you still to the public- private? […]