A synopsis of 2014/2015

They said I was a failure…

She said maybe it wasn’t love from the beginning…

He said it was time for His son to return home…


Has the doctor ever told you that you have limited time to live?

Has your teacher ever told you that you can never score better than a C?

Have you ever being told all you want to hear, and it’s all a lie?






Just when you get the thought,

‘This has to be my end’

Then comes the realization- I AM STILL HERE!


2014 is gone,

And I’m still here.

‘Tough times never last, but tough people do!’ – Robert H. Schuller


Experience they say is the best teacher

And trust me, having acquired this little-

I sure have some things to share…


‘Tough times never last, but tough people do!’


I am indeed very grateful to all my readers. 2014 was quite a year- I really didn’t have the time or motivation to fuel my passion for writing, but you guys still stood (and are standing) by me; reading my post as often as I could post and sometimes even leaving comments and mails. I’m deeply encouraged, and I hope to serve you guys better.

I am praying for better days ahead, as we celebrate the beauty and life behind the statement ‘YES JESUS’!!!

See y’all in a couple of days…

Yours only,

Oluwatosin Olabode (SST)

New Book- Part 2


     You know YOUR F.R.I.E.N.D.S when YOU are in Trouble N.O.T when THEY’re in trouble.
     That a PERSON is YOUR F.R.I.E.N.D doesn’t mean YOU’re their FRIEND.
     A FRIEND is SOMEBODY that is present in YOUR Life, not SOMEONE in whose Life YOU’re present.

A common example…. A person that has no problem replying your messages when they can, or would receive your call but wouldn’t take out time to call you, or create a message to be replied by others.

To start with, do you know who a friend is? Or its just a word we grew up knowing and are now using?

    Find out the simplest definition of A Friend, from my soon to be released book, ‘ThE IdeaL BeinG’…. At your favorite retailers… come OCTOBER….

Oluwatosin olabode SST.
Coauthor of The Big One…

Guess Who Is Born

It was told by an angel,

He would be called Emmanuel

Conceived of the Holy Spirit

Born as the Son of God…


Mary a precious virgin

Joseph a fortunate fellow,

Being used by God,

To bring the wonderful Saviour


As an everlasting Father

Something was missing-

Eternal life of course…

He brought out from heaven

So the Master can find

His kind, when He comes back.


Guesswho is born

The clues are simple,

Point Him to your situation

And it will reference His authority.


He came so we can come,

Was crucified;

And called it proposal…

He paid His bride price;

We called it salvation,

So as to release a revelation

That sinks into every nation.


Guess who is born-

His best men came from heaven

Remember Moses and Elijah;

While He was yet praying-

Or you’ve forgotten at the wedding

Goodness and Mercy;

Your bride’s maid; who will always follow you!

And were in attendance…

If you can remember, or are just realizing-


Revelation says “He’s coming for His bride”,

Remember the criterion to heaven, is a Yes to Jesus;

An acceptance to that proposal, you called crucifixion!!!

For, for that reason, He actually came!!!


Guess who is born-

He’s the creator,

 I AM that I AM,

 Son of the living God,

The soon coming KING…


When was He born???

Actually, He is being born…

No time passes, without His birth.

But who then is being born???


He’s the one that:

Can be born,

Will be born,

Oh! Has been born;

In You, in Me, in all of Us…


If you knew, you wouldn’t think

If you don’t think; you didn’t guess,

Because you actually know,

I know Jesus-

I know He’s born

I pray He’s born in your heart today

Merry Christmas!!!

By:Olabode Oluwatosin

Strictly simple from Tosin- SST-


Jealousy is dangerous

It can kill you

It alters your focus

Changes your direction

Leaves you cluttered


No time for self

Always hoping,

Your trust isn’t stolen

You seem isolated


You can’t be everywhere

But also think

They can go everywhere-

Anywhere actually


Its worst when their past is bad

When a presumption comes to pass

It breeds envy

Hate and anger

A good foundation

For a broken relationship


Jealousy is bad

Always let them know the suspected rivalry

To the accursed; be open to being right

It’s to be settled but

Only through knowledge

That comes from both parties…



Strictly Simple from Tosin (SST)

Give Peace A chance

If you can doubt and
will always ask,
Or you know and
will gladly tell…

If you have known
so others can know,
Or will know
so others can know…

If you are wrong and
would acknowledge it,
Or are right, and
wouldn’t frustrate it…

If you can fear but
would give faith a chance,
Or you worry and
can let Prayer know…

If you can give and
wouldn’t brag about it,
Or can receive and
would be appreciative of it…

If you are beautiful;
because of who you are,
not just who you have become
i mean-
and you know it,
Or you truly have a heart
i mean-
and can allow your conscience speak…

If you can love,
knowing it won’t be returned,
Or would never hate
knowing, only excuses make you to…

If I am me,
simply because I accept it,
Or you can be you
simply because I can accept it…

Then- which is of utmost importance,
you will be called
the son of God
“Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called
Sons of God”(matthew 5:9)…

If you have been in existence
Or are just realising
Then,you should give Peace a chance.

By: Olabode oluwatosin