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We live in a world where people want to be happy on your behalf and don’t really care if you are happy. They can’t imaging you unhappy since they’re happy for you! For this reason, the push you into things that will make them happy for you. Note: THESE PEOPLE CARE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS.  But […]


Man and Woman Becoming One in Marriage.

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Sss When a man and a woman are married, they are one in union. But when they have sex, they become one in self, How? The man puts his seed (sperm into the woman and he (his seed) grows within her. Sperm contains DNA from the man, during sex; the sperm fertilizes an ovum (egg). […]



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┬áIf as a gentleman you are in a relationship with a lady that dresses half naked (exposes her body, in other words, dresses indecently) and you have not spoken to her, even though she shows everyone what you are meant to later see all alone in your marriage, then you do not love but only […]