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Just You

Nothing more… Nothing less- Just to worship Just to praise Just to come through your gate Just to meet with You; Is all i desire, Nothing more, nothing less…   Nothing more… Nothing less- To give you all the...

Jesus !!!

He’s the one for whom the world was created
Whether in heaven or on earth, or even beneath the earth
Whether principalities or powers, or even kingdoms
Whether visible or invisible
He’s the sum of all creation…
He’s the one that founded the foundation of the earth in the air
Seperated the sky from the ground without any pillar
He’s the careful one that has made us full of care
So faithful; He made us full of faith…
He paid taxes though they called him a revolutionary
He was affirmed a carpenter but he confounded scholars
Religious folks waited for  his church showcase yet
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God Exposed

SST …………. “Every proper structure starts form the foundation and not any other…” -Olabode Oluwatosin Many times, as THE Christian, you are faced with challenges requiring you to “defend God”… if you are to believe in Him, the least...

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