Dear Atheist-

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There is no question of the existence of a Supreme Being- a Supreme Principle, every religion accepts that- even Science (only the names differ); whom this Being is, is usually the bone of contention. Dear Atheist- Free Thinkers …Ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit then read the Bible but while at it, allow […]

Priciples of Life

God Exposed

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SST …………. “Every proper structure starts form the foundation and not any other…” -Olabode Oluwatosin Many times, as THE Christian, you are faced with challenges requiring you to “defend God”… if you are to believe in Him, the least you can do is know why, we are in the era of information and technology that […]



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 If as a gentleman you are in a relationship with a lady that dresses half naked (exposes her body, in other words, dresses indecently) and you have not spoken to her, even though she shows everyone what you are meant to later see all alone in your marriage, then you do not love but only […]