The Alive Anthology- Junior Edition 1 & 2

Through the Alive Anthology, we want to spark a message of hope. We will use literature as a therapeutic media to let people know that they are not alone and that it’s ok to talk and seek help. Our goal is to end the stigma, teach people (especially young people) that it is ok to talk, seek help and that help is actually available. We want to guide them towards building the right focus by building positive thinking which would in the long run end the stigma around any form of mental health problem. Every copy of book given would be accompanied by conversations and counselling by professionals. It is designed such that our professionals are trained to listen to these young people first, before providing verbal solutions.
The junior editions are visual representations of the same message but tailored to suit ages 2-5 and 6- 10 respectively.

The Pidgin Project

This project is an outdoor advertising campaign and so we’ve chosen to use pidgin as our official language because it is the most commonly used language on the streets. Every content would however be translated into Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and English for areas where pidgin might not be the strongest communicated language. The goal is to provide physical information of what help is and where help can be gotten. Using our website and social media handles, we intend to have a landing page where all our offline works can be found online. In this regards, we would also target language based channels and platforms that fit into the 5 major languages we’re using for this project.

Awareness Walk and Depression Screening

This conversation in preparation to the WSPD is prepared to enlighten the public on the nature of suicide- depression, substance abuse and mental illness as a whole. During the awareness walk, we shall also be hosting a free depression screening and referring people to hospitals/ clinics at a subsidized rate as the case might be.

World Suicide Prevention Day Conference (WSPD)

The conference aims to create awareness and promote understanding about suicide, define strategies and initiatives for suicide prevention and enhance community participation in suicide prevention activities; including responsibilities of mental health stakeholders. The theme for WSPD 2018-2020 is Working Together to Prevent Suicide, and this we hope to achieve.
These projects will help us in our suicide prevention activities as we begin our calendar year (13th July 2019- 13th July 2020). As Debbie Plotnick said, we know we cannot prevent every suicide attempt, but it’s important that we put politics aside to provide information and resources to those who need it wherever they are. At Strengthening Society Today Foundation, our goal is to save lives. We want to let people know that if they or someone they love is suicidal, it’s ok to ask for help and help is available.
We intend to reach out to about 10, 000 people within the next 24 months. Our target audience are especially but not exclusively 15- 29 (apart from alive anthology junior edition).

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