Welcome to Plateau State Mental Health Challenge for poets and musicians

Welcome to Plateau State Mental Health Challenge for Poets and Musicians. Click here to read our Press Release

Kindly find the General Approach required and the Judging Criteria below:

General Approach:

While this challenge is opened to poets and musicians all over the world; in line with our reward partners (refer to flyer for benefits), only those based in Plateau State will be judged. But all submissions will be posted on our pages.


All submissions are to be recorded under a time limit of 2 minutes and posted on Facebook and Instagram- after which our pages (Strengthening Society Today Foundation and Doublestfoundation respectively) must be tagged and followed. This will ensure that we can see your submission and you can stay up to date with the challenge engagements.


Entries are welcomed from the 1st to 31st of August- after which the judging process will begin.


Upon seeing your submission, a member of the foundation will reach out to get the following details from you and to confirm that you followed the instructions as stated above: Name, Picture, contact, and any other information as might be required. This will help us to create your publicity material.


Kindly note that while there is no score point for the number of likes you get; we encourage you to spread the word about your piece and that of others as our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere for positive messaging.



Criteria for Judging:

Judging will happen between the 1st and 30th of September 2020


  1. Content: The relevance to the theme- 50%
  2. Creativity: Style and Originality- 30%
  3. Clarity: Performance and presentation- 15%
  4. Contribution: For effort- 5%

For any inquires, mail us or send us a DM on our social media

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