So many resources are spent on taking care of women who end up marrying men that were not necessarily taken care of. This is no man’s fault, nor can we blame culture; but society has dropped both consciously and subconsciously in the minds of men― a program that has resulted into who we are today.

They call it weakness when a man tries to be normal. “Toughen up they say, don’t you know you’re a man?” If you appear vulnerable, the world will eat you up. So men create a version of themselves that wasn’t supposed to exist so they can fit into a seemingly rootless society. And so, in various ways, according to their upbringing and environmental factors, they respond to what it means to be dominant, howbeit a created version. This is not to say men are bad in any case; it is however important to raise awareness of the struggles men go through.

Men do not have support groups and only in rare cases do men have ideal friends they can be accountable to. There are no platforms for men to open up and speak up as genuinely as they feel and if ever such platform exists, his learnt pride and ego wouldn’t even allow him.

We dare to ask men, Are You Happy? The responsibilities of life are ever increasing, the commitment to family is unending and desire to speak in those silent lost thoughts is gradually choking. So we ask again, are you Happy?

Welcome to The Emotional Man 1.0, where we challenge status quo and redefine what it means to be a man.

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