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Strengthening Society Today Foundation (aka Double ST Foundation) is a nonprofit providing interventions in the areas of Health (Mental Health- suicide prevention) Education (Guidance and Counselling), Youth Empowerment (Character Building), and Male Advocacy, through its Emotional Man Group Platform.


Join our movement to help strengthen society as we create platforms that help connect those that need help with the help that they need.


Volunteers are the unsung heroes of the nonprofit sector and we celebrate anyone willing to give up their time and skills to help us spread positive messages that make the world a better place.


Are you interested in any of our focus areas?

We have several positions available that you can contribute to help make the world a better place- starting with Northern Nigeria.


We have opportunities for volunteers in our Plateau and Abuja Office or to work remotely. Assisting us will give you an insight into how nonprofits work and among other things- help in saving lives. We need your skills in a wide variety of areas:

  1. Project Management
  2. Research Team
  3. Graphics Designer
  4. Content Creator/ Storyteller
  5. Social Media Manager/ Brand expert
  6. Fundraising and Grant Writing
  7. Facilitator (Mental Health Specialist- Psychologists, Counselors, Physicians, etc.)
  8. Photography
  9. Videography

We are also looking for project coordinators for our four hubs:

  1. Suicide Prevention
  2. Emotional Man Group
  3. Youth
  4. Education


We look forward to seeing your applications! Our deadline is 30th November 2019.

Kindly follow this registration link to sign up,