Jesus Never Lies

Jesus speaking in John 14:6 says, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Someone recently released a piece in which he called Jesus a liar- Established as the only explanation and so he titled it, Jesus you lied.

The challenge is that he concludes the piece inferring that God is faithful.

It is important to clarify that God cannot be both faithful and a liar. Neither can he at one moment be a liar and at another moment be faithful; as he is the same always and forever.

My approach in my piece which I titled, Jesus Never Lies is to ask questions whose answers provoke us to consider who God is to us. Whether he is a conditional being that must conform to our limited knowledge of which we frown when he doesn’t, or if he is God nonetheless.

I realise that we all go through phases in different stages of our lives, and more worthy of note is the fact that if we would be honest with ourselves; we’ve all doubted Jesus in one way or the other and He is fully aware of this. It’s human nature. What would be upsetting is pretending to be OK when we’re not, in the presence of an all knowing God. Indeed he loves our honesty as the poet clearly states out in his piece.

However, it becomes foolishness when we decide our interpretation of situations surrounding us should be the standard on how others should perceive theirs. It is even more foolish to think popularity permits compromise from a place of limited understanding.

Because we live in a generation that enjoys miracles more than the miracle working God and want fast food without any food for thought, I had to give a reply. To give another explanation- a continuation of God’s whisper.

Jesus Never Lies is a tale of reasoning and not condemnation. A reminder that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”- Roman’s 8:28.

No matter what you are going through, JESUS NEVER LIES. Hold on, he’s faithful to the end.

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God bless us all as we connect with his faithfulness. Jesus Never Lies.

Breaking Bad Habits

You don’t break habits by stopping, you break them by substituting. This is a standard rule in psychology.

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. This implies that habits could be good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.

Therefore if a habit is bad, it can be replaced with good and vice versa. However considering the latter is always a bad idea.

I have this thing about keeping to time. Some years ago, I was considering going to events and engagements late, since I was almost always amongst the first set of people to arrive. I often arrive before the organises of the event. It was frustrating and they called it “African timing”. Luckily a good friend was able to advice me otherwise and I still enjoy keeping to time. This is a classical example of wanting to change from a good habit to a bad one. This habit actually happens a lot- mostly when people think there are taken for granted or when they are not having there way as fast as they would want to.

However, the question before us today is: How do you break a bad habit?

Bad habits are decisions that stand against our values and principles. It is a negative behaviour pattern. Common examples include: too much time on the internet doing unproductive things, overeating, procrastination, etc.

Just because it is popular with your surroundings doesn’t make it an less a bad habit.

Steps to Breaking Bad Habits


This for me, is the most important ingredient in breaking bad habits. If a person is not honest about the whole process, it would be surprisingly easy to relapse. You must first and foremost accept that the habit is bad and unhealthy to your purpose and goals in life.

It cannot just be a thought or people’s opinions; you must after coming to the realization that the habit is bad, accept it and want to change for yourself.

Become your Motivation:

Breaking from bad habits must be done for you and you alone. The consequence of breaking from a bad habit affects your atmosphere, but your atmosphere must never be your sole motivation. If your environment or people around you are the reason you want to change, how sure are you that you will still want to be different when these people are no longer around, probably due to change of environment?

Having others as your sole motivation is setting yourself up for easy relapse. This explains why there are certain things you feel comfortable doing only in the absence of certain people.

Therefore, in breaking from a bad habit, do it for you as you’ll always be everywhere you go.

Identify Triggers:

Triggers are what give you permission to exist in those bad habits. By identifying these triggers, you become conscious enough to avoid them. The secret is to be observant, we all know our bad habits, notice what motivates you and the things you indulge in because they have become a pattern, it would be easy to identify.

Don’t ignore the triggers- handle them:

One of the greatest triggers in the world today is technology, and what I often do is fast them.

Fasting is an intentional act of not doing something that you regularly would have done; as in this case, fasting my phone or television.

If your trigger is junk food for instance, you dispose of it so as to tilt your cravings in another direction. If a lady’s nakedness is a trigger for lust for you, then you must avoid gatherings that permit nudity- All these procedures are just an introduction, it doesn’t stop there. The solution is never to stop a habit, you must replace them.


Avoiding nudity was maybe possible in the time of our parent’s parents… These days, it is all over the place: from homes to internet, to our classmates and coworkers, to the market, billboards, churches and etcetera. So therefore, as explained in step four; after you consciously avoid gathering that promote nudity like clubs, you have to train your mind as Job said in the bible not to look at a woman lustfully.

Instead of spending endless time watching movies and series which are in themselves triggers for lust, you substitute that time for something more productive like reading a book or having a healthy conversation with a friend or ensuring that the movie is suitable for all age groups.

The idea is to deal with the trigger before if has the opportunity to start.

As with any other situation, you replace the negative trigger with a positive trigger. In the junk food example, after disposing of them, the plan is not to wait for the trigger ( eg. Boredom or stress) to kick in before thinking of an alternative, the plan is to already have an alternative. As in this case, one might decide to buy fruits and keep in the house. Bad habits take consistency to build and would need consistency to rebuild with substitutes.

Accountability Partner:

It is important to be accountable to someone. This person will help keep track of your progress. They’re the ones you call when that craving for sex hits you harder than usual.

It is however necessary to understand why an accountability partner is important. This is because in a situation where you are in trouble and they’re not accessible, it is this understanding that keeps you from falling.

The common sense thing to do would be to leave the party or that your friend’s house or switch off your phones or the television or anything activating your sexual mood. Accountability partners tell us to do these things. With or without them, these are the things we must do. Reporting or hearing from accountability partners gives us a sense of responsibility.

Get Support:

Accountability partners can also act as a support system. There are certain journeys you don’t need to walk alone. You can go selecting movies together, you can go the the gym together, you can visit friends together. The idea is, they’ll help keep you in check.

Hold on:

Breaking any habit isn’t necessarily going to be easy. Giving up half way is never the solution. You must hold on despite all challenges and stay true to why you wanted to change the habit in the first place. Reward yourself from time to time, allow you accountability partners and support systems appreciate your efforts and when everything is said and done, continue working towards whom you were created to be.

Seek Professional Help:

There is no shame in this. If you have done all that you can do and those habits seem to be reoccurring, seek professional help form Doctors, Therapists, Counselors etc. These people are trained and paid for one reason and that is to give you help. Seek and accept their help.

If we must take charge of our lives, we must be in charge of our lives. This is the ultimate goal of breaking any habit that holds us back from our potentials and possibilities. Even though I have given some examples in illustrating some ideas, our habits that need change are peculiar to us, let’s leave this blog

post ready to do something about it.

Thank you, I love y’all…

Oluwatosin Olabode aka Double ST

True Friends

So I’ve been requesting and receiving questions lately. This is yet another one. Please feel free to contribute…


Who is a true friend?

Before we can fully comprehend the meaning of true friendship; we must first discern who a friend is and if their is a clause in that definition that permits for fake- Something that is not true.

This in itself will imply that we have understood the meaning of truth; to be able to identify fake.

In defining these two terms- Friend and True; we’ll be able to accurately answer the question of who a true friend is.


“This is a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family”-

The Clause
This definition like any other talks about a one way relationship that should go both ways. Yes this definition applies to your friends to, but the questions is, do they consider you friends?- for then, and only then, will this definition be accurate.

A lot of people that we are friends with aren’t friends with us.
A friend is not just someone in whose life you are involved in, a friend is someone that is involved in you life- Double ST


Something that is in accordance with fact or reality. Accurate and genuine.

  • True Friendship therefore entails mutual understanding, agreement, respect, growth, etcetera.The key word there is mutual. We often think “people knowing us” is synonymous with “true friendship”, but no. Answering phone calls or replying text messages doesn’t make you a friend- it just means you respond to INITIATED CONVERSATIONS from someone that considers you a friend. Friends are initiators as well as people that respond to messages (In whatsoever form). Friendship has to be MUTUAL. It is however not a competition on who does more.
  • A true friend triggers the buttons that make you want to be a better person. A friend adds value to your life and vise versa. What this means is that, if there are people whom you call friends in your life and have successfully kept you stagnant or regressing, then they are not true friends and must be acknowledged as such. It is OK to know them, but not everyone needs to be your friend.
  • A true friend knows the advanced setting of your life and would never judge you but will always be ready to correct and support you in love.
  • True friendship is not jealous nor will it cause you to sin and vise versa.
  • A true friendship is a group of people of similar attractions and connections. A people that can coexist without altering their vision, mission and core values. A people that share ideas and want to see each other grow, and would allow each other grow.
  • A true friend is not someone you form a bond with so they can help you, but what kind of friendship would it be if they (or you) have the opportunity to help and withhold it.
  • True friendship is real, honest and loyal.

The list goes on and on and might be able to provide you with much more information on the idea of true friendship. What I have done is set a platform for you to ask yourself if you are a true friend. It’s not enough to want genuine friends- Are you one? Do you listen? Do you make out time for friends? Once again, Are you a true friend?


We live in a world where people want to be happy on your behalf and don’t really care if you are happy.

They can’t imaging you unhappy since they’re happy for you!

For this reason, the push you into things that will make them happy for you.


Church Love



Christianity is not a religion of hate and bitterness. It does not prey on the weak and ‘the so called sinners’.

Salvation cannot be gotten outside Jesus- The world has rejected Jesus and so cannot find salvation except in the Church- it is important to note that we are the church.

Any time we reject a ‘sinner’ from coming to church, we are saying they should go the world and be saved and then come back to Jesus- there is no biblical backing to this school of thought; for only Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus is salvation.

If a ‘sinner’ gets a platform to come to your church and stays long enough and there is still no conviction, then that church might be compromised.

When Jesus touches you, you can never remain the same. The church should never for fear or favour teach people what the ‘want to hear’ instead of what they ‘ought to hear’. By the way- who told you the church can’t grow a people whose ears are open to what the want to hear as what they ought to hear.

The church is a reflection of Jesus- Jesus is love; therefore the church is love.

God bless you as you walk in Love.

The Consequence



Due to misplaced priorities and inadequate knowledge,  we compromise God’s standard.  We are not called to follow the path the world leads- we are called, in dominion, to light the world.

The fact that you were entertained does not mean you were blessed; you cannot be blessed and not be entertained. Thinking otherwise affirms the first paragraph; if not, then this quote is common sense.

God bless you.




What is transforming you?
Who is transforming you?

Whether you know it or not, the people you relate and associate with, affect you with the energy they carry. We tend to tilt towards their reasoning and way of life as we move along their path.

Whom do we worship?

And those who make idols are just like them, as are all
who trust in them- Psalm 115:8

Considering all your years of service to God; are you a reflection of Him or your pastor? We become like those we worship– today’s question is, who do you worship?  Whether or not your transformation would be significant depends on who is (and what is) transforming you.

Remember,  a green dye cannot transform a white cloth into pink– if the solution isn’t working; check to see if you’re answering the right question.

I reiterate,

What is transforming you?
Who is transforming you?

For the perfect and ideal life, I choose Jesus to transform me, and I’m a work in progress.

God bless you.

The Saving Grace of God



The Devil Needs God- As the image of God, he will be needing you too.

The devil needs God’s permission to make things work (the story of job, in one of the books of the bible- the book of Job; is a perfect illustration of this), and when he does not get it, he immediately switches to the image of God to help him make these things work.

The devil was created, so he cannot create, he can only attempt to manipulate created creatures. This is the root of our problems- the whole idea of creation (and all the created) is to do good; but because the devil has already turned evil, he also tries to turn other created beings into doing evil things (and he can when we allow him).

Here’s how it works; he makes music contrary to the glory of God (for instance), but people don’t buy, so he features the art of seduction- naked girls to pose as dancers– this captures even girls, let alone boys-need I say more…

A good percentage of people are no longer interested in pornography, which implies less sin against God; the devil is not happy with this, so he lets people create movies that do not carry the pornograpic theme and then puts in a little bit of ‘soft porn’, and a normal mind watches it with the mentally that it’s not a pornographic movie; it’s just a bit of  nakedness- it’s just brief sex- it’s just the 21st century lifestyle and culture- shown in the movie. We then say in our hearts, God would understand. The only reason the devil defeats you, is because he is able to deceive you.

But here’s the good new!
We can overcome the deceit of the devil if we consider the devil’s approach to be that of a businessman. Let’s imagine the devil as a businessman and we’re his prospective buyer, as a business man, he tells us all the ways things could go right with what he’s selling,he tries his best to make sure we buy his product because he does not want to lose (but he has already lost, however, he works on the premise that we do not know this), we call this temptation, but after all is said and done, it’s still our choice to decide whether to buy or not.

Since his temptation comes as a result of him assuming we do not know he has lost; the only way to overcome this, is to make him know we know! This is however only possible through the saving grace of God; therefore your decision to buy or not can only be solid if you accept and  know the Word- even Jesus used the Word (Matthew 4: 1-11)
We overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb, and by the words of our testimony (Revelation 12:11)
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7)

It is very important to note that judgement has been passed on the devil- not on us!

We are in the era of grace; let’s make use of this grace to the glory of God’s name. As Christians, we are not called to judge people; we are called to introduce them to this grace, so that they can stop falling for the gimmicks of the devil.

God bless you- don’t forget to share your thoughts on this and feel free to ask questions.

Live Your Life



We are called into this world
to become, ‘Somebody’, not ‘Somebody Else’

If the world wanted ‘Somebody else’,
don’t you think they’ll exist too?
Oh yes! They already do- but wait….

No one said anything about them existing
in ‘Original’ and ‘Counterfeit’ copies!

Do yourself a favour
Live your life as you
Stop living as someone else’s copy.

God bless you.