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Great News…  https://books2read.com/DoubleSt I’m super excited to announce to you that you can now Pre-order my new book #Insights at your favorite online stores. Follow the link above.  I’ve got you covered whether yours is IOS or Android… We...

Stop Assuming

They say the problem begins when we start talking about each other instead of talking to each other.  It’s more of a problem when we start talking for each other, instead of talking with each other. Assumptions, however right, create one-side solutions to one-side situations. Stop assuming...

Church Love

DAY 9 Christianity is not a religion of hate and bitterness. It does not prey on the weak and ‘the so called sinners’. Salvation cannot be gotten outside Jesus- The world has rejected Jesus and so cannot find salvation...

The Consequence

DAY 8 Due to misplaced priorities and inadequate knowledge,  we compromise God’s standard.  We are not called to follow the path the world leads- we are called, in dominion, to light the world. The fact that you were entertained...


DAY 6 What is transforming you? Who is transforming you? Whether you know it or not, the people you relate and associate with, affect you with the energy they carry. We tend to tilt towards their reasoning and way...

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