7 Major Signs Of Depression And How To Deal With Them

Anytime the word “depression” is mentioned, especially in this part of the world (Africa), many are quick to dismiss the fact that depression isn’t a respecter of persons.  

Depression can be caused by being diagnosed with a terminal illness, bereavement, drug abuse, family history of depression (hereditary), pressure from the workplace or even from family, and loneliness, among others. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)depression simply means mood abnormality characterized by feelings of sadness, anger, tiredness, restlessness, and inability to concentrate, which alters one’s day-to-day activities. 

When it is not properly treated, it can also result in chronic health conditions.

But, no matter how hopeless you may be, you can come out better if only you are willing to take action to changing the narrative. 

What are the major signs of depression?

The feeling of hopelessness and helplessness This type of feeling causes a depressed individual to hold on to the belief that nothing they do can improve their situation. This kind of feeling is deceptive and blocks the victim from coming out of the world of depression.

1. The feeling of apathy in daily activities 

Another sign of depression is a lack of interest in activities that used to bring joy and pleasure to the individual. For example, social activities like group discussions, listening to music, dancing, sporting activities, hobbies, and many more.

2. Anger 

This symptom causes the individual to feel restless, violent, and intolerant. It makes other people’s actions appear annoying to the individual.

3. Oversleeping

This symptom makes the depressed individual oversleep or causes the inability to sleep.

4. Lack of concentration

Individuals who are facing depression hardly concentrate or focus on any activity because their mind is already troubled.

 5. Self-loathing 

Another major sign of depression is hatred for self by the depressed individual. They are filled with guilt or worthlessness and quick to criticize themselves at any slight opportunity on past and present actions.

 6. Weight/Appetite Loss

Loss of appetite for food resulting in weight loss and, on some occasions, weight gain, according to Healthline, due to excessive sleep.

How to deal with depression

1. Open up to the outside world

Open up to the outside world. Come out of your comfort zone or even travel to new places. This helps you to appreciate the wonders of nature resulting in lifting the troubled mind out of its state.

 2. Reduce intake of foods, drinks, and drugs that influence your mood 

Avoid or reduce the intake of drinks like caffeine and alcohol as they pose a serious threat to human life. Besides, they do not cure depression. So what? Increase your consumption of mood-enhancing nutrients like Omega 3 and fatty acids.

 3. Engage in exciting activities 

This involves engaging in activities that brighten your mood like sport, play video games, listen to music, attend comic shows and festivals, etc.

4. Seek professional help

Seek professional help to combat depression. It entails going for therapy or booking an appointment with a psychologist.


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