We are excited to announce our partnership with the Daily Haloha!!!


This partnership is brought to you by:


                             Daily Hahola | Doing Healthy Africa | Strengthening Society Today Foundation

With Daily Haloha, Self-reflection just got social!!!

Daily Haloha is a simple and uplifting daily routine, wrapped in a charming little app.


It’s designed to help you all look inward and then share outward with others, positively and anonymously.


Unlike social media, which can make us feel like we are competing for attention and constantly compared, Daily Haloha is judgment and popularity-free!

It also takes just 2 minutes a day to feel connected and uplifted

Say hello to your new daily routine

Each day the entire world gets a new thought-provoking fill-in-the-blank question. Then, all you have to do is open the app, and…


1: Check in with yourself

Take a moment to pause, reflect, and fill in the blanks with a little bit of “you”.


2: Connect with another

Then “swap” your Haloha with another random human somewhere in the world, anonymously and judgment-free.


3: Be a part of the bigger picture

Then browse the Haloha Wall to see how the world is feeling. 

Be a part. Not apart!

.Download the Daily Haloha app here.  It’s free! 

Get started now to join in on the conversation and be the first to know when our question is released in the first week of September.

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