Instead of Procrastinating- START!!! it can sometimes seem overwhelming; but if you never start, you will never know.

As a foundation, it’s been two years of strengthening society! 2 years since we took those first steps!!!

On the 13th of July, 2020, we looked back on the journey so far, to celebrate every small step taken towards what mattered to us –

Your mental health and wellbeing!

There is something about celebrating wins; it fuels excitement to do more!

  • What about you?
  • How has your journey been like?
  • Have you being in-charge or are you still the passive player waiting for the perfect time, probably overthinking and stressing your mental wellbeing- instead of acting?


Keep calm.

From our journey as a foundation; here are 11 Important Lessons About Life we can all appreciate!

  1. Your dreams don’t have to be perfect. Nobody is perfect- We are all a work in progress… 
  2. Action is better than brooding.
  3. Only the first step is the hardest.
  4. You can’t improve on what you don’t practice. Growth comes by doing.
  5. The earlier you take responsibility for your success, the better.
  6. Build relationships, they help.
  7. Some people will support your dreams, some won’t and that’s okay. Stop being discouraged by what others don’t do for you.
  8. Failure is part of the process. Don’t miss out on the lessons.
  9. You are the foundation of your success. Learn from others, but always look within. 
  10. Everything good in life is a process – embrace the good and bad times.
  11. Your mental health is important. You can’t make quality life decisions if you are not alive mentally. And that’s why we are here for you!

Today, start from where you are. You won’t be reading this if we had not taken the courage to start.

Thanks for coming thus far with us! We can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!

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2 Thoughts to “One, Two…Greatness Lies In Getting Started!”

  1. Esther

    “….your dreams don’t have to be perfect…everything in life is a process…” This is apt, considering the fact that most people wouldn’t want to begin the process of birthing their dreams until everything is put in place.
    Thanks for this timely piece @doublestfoundation

    1. Double ST

      Thank you for reading!!!

      Everything in life is indeed a process…

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