On this day, two years ago, we came into this world!

Some of our volunteers at our very first activity in 2018- World Suicide Prevention Day Conference

There is no health without mental health (WHO). We must build a culture of never keeping mental illness and poor mental health to ourselves. There really is power in sharing. Though limited; professionals are available to help, if and when we need one. Suicide is not an option and we want to change the tradition of keeping silent.

In the words of Debbie Plotnick., “we know we cannot prevent every suicide attempt, but we must put politics aside to provide information and resources to those who need it wherever they are”. Our goal is to save lives. We want to let people know that if they or someone they love is suicidal, it’s ok to ask for help, and that help is available. And so, our conversations remind us to be human, while also reminding us what it means to be humans!

One of our participants during a counseling session

We have been able to spread this message of hope to participants from Abuja, Bauchi, Kaduna, and Plateau State- with a more global audience through our online engagements like the monthly Let’s Talk Chat.


Strengthening Society Today Foundation, popularly called Double ST Foundation- a nonprofit providing intervention in the areas of Suicide Prevention, Guidance and Counselling, and Youth Character Development- has since inception created two other outlets that help promote our Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns into specific thematic areas that include:

The Emotional Man Group, a platform dedicated to building mentally stable men through mentorship– and

Doing Healthy Africa, a platform dedicated to raising a generation of young people that have the stamina and technical know-how to thrive within the digital world.

We’re a youth-led, youth-targeted organization that believes very strongly in the fact that the world can become a better place one positive message at a time. We understand that there’s still a lot of work to be done within the mental health and wellbeing industry, and so, we leverage on partnerships and collaborations with other affiliate organizations and individuals, to ensure we continue to push our efforts to attain lasting and sustainable outcomes within all our thematic areas- As no platform can accomplish everything on their own!

To this effect, we are also seeking, and open to collaborations. The world is governed by humans; it is therefore important amongst other things that we prevent “noncommunicable diseases, including behavioral, developmental and neurological disorders that lead to death and the stigma and segregation that comes with them”.

We all can become a wealth of positive energies!


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