One Thing You Must Do To Protect Your Mental Health

Do you feel like your age mates are doing better than you?

Do you feel like you are not doing enough for yourself, and that all tastes sour seeing everyone getting their goals ticked?

You are not alone! However,

Avoid The Temptation To Compare:

We are always tempted… but giving in to every temptation to compare your efforts with others will definitely sink your mental wellbeing.

For Instance: Your younger sibling’s peer just graduated before you, and to make matters worse, when you check your social media, you are confronted with pictures of everyone else who parade their success daily.

And then, your efforts begin to look small in your eyes because someone else had a breakthrough to their next level.

So What? Think about it for a minute…

Because you’re losing heart; your mental well-being is suffering- You need to save yourself. 

One thing you must do to protect your mental health is to avoid the web of comparison. Here’s the truth: there will always be someone doing better than you. Just the same way you’re doing better than other people.

How Do I Begin To Eliminate The Dangerous Web of Comparison?

  1. Focus on your goals.
  2. Consistently put in the effort required.
  3. Have a gratitude journal – Put down every feat, celebrate your small wins.
  4. Understand that life is a journey; we all don’t arrive at the same time.
  5. Accept that it takes time. Everything good does.
  6. Know that we all have our struggles behind closed doors, and very few talk about their failures publicly.
  7. Build a circle of loved ones who can evaluate your struggles with you.



How’s your mental well-being? Is there a way we can help? Tell us in the comments.

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