How Mental Health Matters To Anyone with A Brain!



Plateau, PL- Times have changed and no one has it all figured out, yet. The change in the dynamics of what we consider normal living is really telling- for a lot of people- the concept of being alive, is now a struggle.

This uncertainty is causing panic- people naturally respond to uncomfortable scenarios and perceived threats with anxiety, fear, and stress… amongst other factors that could affect their mental health.

There’s the fear of potentially getting infected stepping outside, and also a fear of hunger and been unable to explain to your children why they might not be able to feed today, staying indoors.

For different people, the pandemic is reflecting on their mental health and well-being in different ways, and we must set up structures that address these issues holistically. We must look after our physical, as well as our mental health.

By definition, health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being… and according to WHO, there’s no health without mental health.

There’s a lot we can do to prevent mental health problems – and especially in seasons like this– from escalating! We know from history that crises, such as this, have a long-lasting impact on people’s mental health.

We must improve our understanding of risk factors and the groups affected most, and look at indicated prevention strategies and intervention procedures.

Considering that a lot of services have been lock-down, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to access their coping mechanisms. Interventions show alternative measure and bridge a shift in perspective.

“The goal is to reduce the incidence, prevalence, and recurrence of mental health disorders and their associated disability on the Plateau (and the world at large) by modifying risk exposure and strengthening the coping mechanisms of her citizens.”

COVID-19 pandemic presents a lot of risk factors for developing mental health problems, and we must be able to create an ecosystem of well-being practices that reduce and treat mental health conditions.

Anyone with a brain can have mental health conditions! And so, for as long as we’re alive, we must prioritize our mental health.

The effects of the COVID19 pandemic on our health cannot be overemphasized.

It is important to note that asides the absence of diseases or infirmity, health is defined based on three major components that include the complete state of Physical, Mental, and Social Well-being. This pandemic is affecting all these sectors and so must be tackled collectively so that there can be a form of holistic well-being.

As a foundation vested in mental health interventions, we’re happy to have launched a couple of initiatives that would allow anyone access to understanding and knowing how to approach their mental health.

We are also working with some stakeholders to ensure the government’s involvement in policy structures that can upscale and better sustain our efforts for a mentally stable state.

We understand that there is no health without mental health and so while others are tackling the other two components of the health spectrum, we are directly involved in the mental health and well-being of our people.

The health of the mind is as important as the health of the body and here are some of the initiatives we can all benefit from:


A platform for active listening-

Let’s Talk Tweet Chat–

A platform for engaging conversation on a larger scale-

Do you know–

A bi-monthly web series on wellness and productivity in this season-

Stay Safe Video Campaign


Let’s Talk WhatsApp Classes

A platform for participatory learning-

Staying Safe Series–

A bi-monthly web series on tips on staying alive-

PSMH Taskforce-

COMING SOON This project requires government participation for sustainability and we are currently seeking partnership to this effect-

To get involved or get answers to any questions as regards the links above, kindly send a WhatsApp message to +2347058336693 or mail



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