Episode 1

Have you ever thought of giving up?

I mean, you just felt maybe doing nothing will make the struggles disappear.

Or, maybe, taking your life could be the perfect solution?

Well, I’ve had my struggles too. This is not invalidating yours, but rather a confirmation that you’re not alone!


One afternoon, I thought of ending it all. I was shocked by this thought and in that instance, it dawned on me that I had been allowing my struggles to dominate my thoughts, exhausting my reasons to live.

This led me to a process of self-evaluation, and finally, I made the decision to stay alive no matter what- One more day might be easier than the last, I thought, and it does get better-

Let’s be real – Life can be overwhelming – and without emotional strength, feelings of inadequacies (for instance) could consume the best of us. Still, we need to stay alive for ourselves, our loved ones, and the society at large; as Shanshera Quinn says, the world is a better place because you’re in it…. This is extremely important since we really do not want to die, but really want the pain to go away-

Here are 5 Ways to “Build Strength of Mind” to Face Challenges:

  1. Invest in Good Books, Podcasts & Videos:

Reading good books makes the mind strong. And this is the first step you must take towards any form of personal growth and development. Good books (podcasts and videos) prepare you with an understanding of how to handle life’s struggles. When you invest in books that build your strength of mind, it will carry you through tough times.

  1. Connect with Sound Minds

Relationships – quality ones – is everything. There is no excuse for not investing in purposeful relationships. Those in your circle are the social currency that can help you weather the storm, especially where money fails. Even in good times, you need sound minds to help you take more giant steps.

  1. Challenge your Struggles

Everyone faces struggles in life. Unfortunately, these struggles won’t take care of themselves. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim and hurting… choose to challenge your struggles head-on. The reward for doing nothing is nothing. So, do something- something positive.

  1. Believe in your Uniqueness

Don’t let anyone make you feel less of yourself. If you believe strongly in your uniqueness, you will never allow anyone or any situation to keep you down. Of course, its human nature to be overwhelmed by challenges sometimes, but to give-up is letting go of your potentials and possibilities. The question is: What do you believe about yourself?

  1. Build your Faith

Working hard must be built on the faith that everything good will come. Faith is like medicine to the heart. Its altar must be greased daily by studying God’s faith (His Word), praying without fainting, maintaining positive affirmations, having a heart of gratitude, and many more- essentially- being mindful about your existence!


There is so much to stay alive for. Each day offers many possibilities and you have the power to shine the light of these possibilities. You’re light.

To stay alive, you’ve to focus on staying alive!


Join us first Friday in June for the next episode!

In the meantime, how have you been coping with your challenges?

Rachael Ogunmuyiwa

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