Every year since 2003, the International Association of Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organization have hosted the World Suicide Prevention Day with a range of activities.

Strengthening Society Today Foundation joined in on the conversation in 2018 and hosted her second edition this year.

The theme for 2017 – 2020 is Working Together to Prevent Suicide. This is very deliberate and intentional as it presents a holistic approach to global suicide prevention campaigns via collective and collaborative efforts.

The goal of suicide prevention is to safe lives and so, every life must count in this regards.

Suicide is PREVENTABLE and help is AVAILABLE. The high global statistics can be be reduced and we each have a part to play as suicide affects all age groups and people from all “works of life”.

As a foundation, we aim to create awareness and promote understanding about suicide, define strategies and initiatives for suicide prevention and enhance community participation in suicide prevention activities including the role of mental health professionals.

To this effect we hosted the World Suicide Prevention Day Conference Nigeria (Plateau State) on Saturday the 7th of September 2019 to discuss how working together suicide can be prevented.

We were honored to have our Founder and 2 Consultant Psychiatrists lead the conversation together with our amazing participants that were able to ask and contribute to the conversation

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