At Strengthening Society Today (Double ST) Foundation, we believe very strongly that the world can become a better place one positive message at a time. We understand the concept of alternative thinking and are passionate about saving lives. With every project we’ve carried out and intend to carry out; our intentions are always to connect those that need help with those that can help.

The theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 is Working Together to Prevent Suicide. It is in light of this (as we do every year) that we have kick-started our photo campaign aimed at getting the general public to join in on the conversation.

Our massage is simple; Suicide is preventable and Help is available. 


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The picture campaign is also a platform that we’re using to spread the message of the conversations we would be hosting at the conference. Our aim with the conference is to create awareness and promote understanding about suicide, define strategies and initiatives for suicide prevention and enhance community participation in suicide prevention activities; including the roles of mental health stakeholders.

We cannot overemphasize the thoughtfulness and depths of the theme. We each have a role to play in ensuring that we end the stigma surrounding mental health conversations. Help is available and people should be able to freely seek and get the much needed help they require.


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