At Strengthening Society Today (Double ST) foundation, we believe very strongly that the world can become a better place one positive message at a time. We understand the concept of alternative thinking and are passionate about saving lives. With every project we’ve carried out and intend to carry out; our intentions are always to connect those that need help with those that can help.

It is in light of this that we’ve created the Strengthening Society Today Foundation Suicide Prevention Project (SSTFSPP) – A Public Education Campaign– which has been broken down into four (4) major components:


  1. Advocacy and Awareness Creation-
  2. Adaptation and Formulation of Implementation Models
  3. Execute strategies for promotion and prevention.
    In addition to the Alive Anthology & the Pidgin Project
  4. Monitor, Survey and Evaluate Progress Reports


In doing this, SSTFSPP hopes to equip the populace with adequate information about the mental health conversation and to break the barriers that make people not to ask for help such as stigmatization and segregation amongst other things.

World Population Review, Suicide Rate by Country, by Population 2019 places Nigeria at a ratio of 9.5 per 100,000 population with a total of 18,608 suicide cases per year.”

There is a lot to unlearn, learn and relearn within the mental health space. A major cause of suicide is mental illness but it is not the only cause; it is therefore important to note that not all persons with mental illness attempt suicide and some of the people that die by suicide never had any form of mental illness.

According to experts, depression (a mental illness) is a common illness worldwide that, if not properly monitored and treated, can become a serious health condition. It is often a long lasting emotional response to challenges in everyday life and can be moderate or severely intense. It can cause the affected person to suffer greatly and function poorly in dealing with daily tasks or challenges. It can lead to suicide which is the second cause of death (globally) in 15-29-year-olds.

We will be using the following approaches in our suicide prevention campaign:

Advocacy and Awareness Creation- (2 to 4 would be unlocked after the conference)

You can register for the conference here:

This we intend to achieve this through a conference adopting the theme for this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day: Together we can prevent suicide as elaborated below:

Suicide prevention remains a universal challenge. Every year, suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for people of all ages. It is responsible for over 800,000 deaths, which equates to one suicide every 40 seconds. Every life lost represents someone’s partner, child, parent, friend or colleague. For each suicide, approximately 135 people suffer intense grief or are otherwise affected. This amounts to 108 million people, per year, who are profoundly impacted by suicidal behaviour. Suicidal behaviour includes suicide, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. For every suicide, 25 people make a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide (Culled from IASP manual for suicide prevention 2019).

What then can we do about this?

How can we work together to prevent suicide?

Aims of the conference:

  1. Create awareness and promote understanding about suicide
  2. Define strategies and initiatives for suicide prevention.
  3. Enhance community participation in suicide prevention activities.

Stay Tuned for more information…

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