The Emotional Man Conference 2019

The Emotional Man Conference 2019

creating a support system for men!10AM

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Aims of the Conference

This conference will be the flag off of our online support system for men.


      To give men the opportunity to come together and address unanswered questions and emotional issues.

emotional man

     To give men an opportunity to share insights and support, thereby empowering them to live a life of clarity and purpose.


      To raise a people who will be the best sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers and leaders.

conference overview

In the words of our CEO,” whoever told men not to show emotions forgot to tell them not to have emotions at all. Now, we have men dying from emotions that they’ve refused to show”- On the outlook, one will think that the majority of men are happy. Masked in their posture and learnt pretense; a larger population of men are unhappy, so much so that they have resulted in taking their own lives. For every one woman that dies from suicide, statistics shows that four men have taken their lives.That’s 80% of all fatal suicide cases according to WHO.

Society has taught men to be the caregivers for their families, but in doing that, nobody has told men to take care of themselves and very few are conscious enough to take care of them. Remember, people do not even know they need to be taken care of. There is a cliché men have come to accept… “You are a man, you’ll find a way.”

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Conference Jingle

So many resources are spent on taking care of women who end up marrying men that were not necessarily taken care of. This is no man’s fault, nor can we blame culture; but society has dropped both consciously and subconsciously in the minds of men― a program that has resulted into who we are today.

They call it weakness when a man tries to be normal. “Toughen up they say, don’t you know you’re a man?” If you appear vulnerable, the world will eat you up. So men create a version of themselves that wasn’t supposed to exist so they can fit into a seemingly rootless society. And so, in various ways, according to their upbringing and environmental factors, they respond to what it means to be dominant, howbeit a created version. This is not to say men are bad in any case; it is however important to raise awareness of the struggles men go through.

Men do not have support groups and only in rare cases do men have ideal friends they can be accountable to. There are no platforms for men to open up and speak up as genuinely as they feel and if ever such platform exists, his learnt pride and ego wouldn’t even allow him.

We dare to ask men, Are You Happy? The responsibilities of life are ever increasing, the commitment to family is unending and desire to speak in those silent lost thoughts is gradually choking. So we ask again, are you Happy?

Welcome to The Emotional Man 1.0, where we challenge status quo and redefine what it means to be a man.

0luwatosin Olabode

CEO Double st Foundation




alcohol & drug addiction amongst men

Dr DANIEL JATAU MESHAK (MBBS, FWACP, MSc), is a Consultant Family Physician and a lecturer with the Department of Family Medicine, University of Jos. He is also the Convener, Plateau Intelligentsia and the Chairman, Plateau Debate Group. An Alumnus of Chevening- He was awarded a Chevening Scholarship in 2017/18 to study MSc Public Health for Development at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Dr Mayowa Okonoda is a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Jos University Teaching Hospital and Senior Lecturer at the University of Jos. He is a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians and has Certificates in Leadership and Management in Health as well as Implementation Sciences from the University of Washington. Dr. Okonoda has more than 10 years in Business Management, as CEO of Netwealth Consult, A consulting and Training company specializing in Mental Health Promotion, Management Consulting, Personal Development and Peak Performance. Dr Okonoda is a member of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA), USA, International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM),  International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP), Global Clinical Practice Network (GCPN), World Health Organization (WHO) amongst others.  

innovative tools for ethical leadership

Job David Ayuba, is a social innovator and a YALI RLC Fellow. He is the founder of Tomruk iHub Multiverse, a social innovation hub that is nurturing the next generation of disruptive innovators through a culture of collaboration and co-creation to become catalyst of progressive change in their communities. Ayuba is leading the Social Media for Good Movement that has engaged over 5,000 youths on how to use social media as an innovative tool for achieving the sustainable development goals. 

business, entrepreneurship & purposeful living

Architect OLUKOYA OLUSEGUN GODWIN (MNIA), is the MD & CEO TOLSEGA Consults Nig. Ltd, a Consultancy and Construction Firm. He is also the MD & CEO Drobilux Paints, Director and Co -Owner, Glorylandville Academy, G.R.A Jos, Director and Co-Owner, Emerald Bakery Jos and Vice Chair, Nigerian Institute of Architects, Plateau State Chapter. Olukoya is a Field Representative and Life Member of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International-Nigeria. He’s married to Mrs. Adeola Olukoya and blessed with 3 lovely children.

moderator- mentoring the next generation

Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the world, Victor Prince Dickson is the lead proponent of the Knowledge Economy and Organic Intelligence from Nigeria. He is the Inventor of Kommon Sense, Founder of Micro-Reality Thinking Academy. He is the author of Thinking Field and Anatomy of Entrepreneurship. His other projects include, Nigerian Dream Community, Strategic Jos Summit and Orange Economy Projects. Victor is the creator of various Thinking tools and models, such as 60 Seconds, Spanis Web, ACTs Ribbon, Sovi Law, Emotional Cloning and The Future Quadrant popularly known as TFQ. He is a Publisher, Scriptwriter, Film Director and Television Producer, Trainer, Speaker and Media/management consultant. Victor Prince Dickson has attained the 8D Ranking status. He is most regarded as a solutionist and skilled simulator. Mr. Dickson has consulted for national and international organization, one of which is GIZ. He is a board member of Christ College of Theology, (CCOT) Langtang and Global Christos Life Ministry, Yingi, Rayfield Road, a.k.a Kingdom Center. He is a consummate teacher and thinker.

panelist- mentoring the next generation

Mr Jerry Doubles holds a BSc in Industrial Chemistry and an MSc in Business Administration. Founder and CEO of Made In Jos Brand & Jos Hike It. He is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and a Tourism Enthusiast. He is single and hails from Plateau State.

poetry policy

Gideon King is a lover of art and web developer. He is the Founder & CEO Punch Line Poetry Society & Icidat Technologies. His messages are channelled towards love, faith and hope- doing everything to the glory of God and enriching humanity.

panelist- mentoring the next generation

Victor Meshak Jatau, is a Poet, Christian Apologist, thinker, Author of Six books, Freelance Editor, CEO Wordcraft Consult, spoken word Artist, playwright, theatre Director, Teacher, Social and political commentator featured on local and nation television to discuss Nigeria, God, Poetry and Education, and Actor. He hails from Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State. Currently, he works as a Part Time Lecturer, HOD department of English Language, Theological College of Northern Nigeria- Institute of Education.

panelist- mentoring the next generation

Theodore Longji CEO, nHub Nigeria. nHub plays a leadership role in nurturing dialogue, disseminating knowledge and re-wiring the ecosystem through different community based efforts that are geared towards building a generation of new entrepreneurs, software developers and an army of skilled and employable young people matching industry needs in priority sectors.

panelist- mentoring the next generation

Dr Barnabas Gbam


Joey Shekwonuzhibo, an OAP is the Head of Station, Patris Radio.


Oluwatosin Olabode Samson is a Graceful teacher of God’s word, Public Speaker & blogger, Suicide Prevention Advocate, Character Coach, Author of three books, Poet and Project Management professional. He has a vision to raise a generation of young people who will rule, subdue and dominate the world with a positive perspective. This he does by helping them discover and utilize the positive energies within them towards living and leading a transformative life. Oluwatosin is the Founder & CEO, Save Society Today Foundation and Gospel Poetry Movement.



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