Fundamentals of caring: family edition

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 To bridge the disconnect between children and their parents or caregivers 



      To create awareness on statistics on youth suicide and offer preventive measures


Define new strategies for parent child communication by showing deliberate parenting.


Dear Caregiver,

I need to understand that you love me.

I know most of the thing you do comes from a place of love,

But having it all stored in ‘I mean well’ ‘I will never hurt you’ ‘I want the best for you’ and never in explaining to me the necessity of why you do the things you do is not sustaining.

I’m just a teenager after-all and this forms part of the fundamentals of caring for me.

I love you too- but you must be child- like to understand that I am not childish- at least most of the time.

Oh, and give us positive feedbacks too.


Concerned Teenager

Dear Teenager,

I am human-

I am not perfect-

This is not an excuse.

Nobody really prepares us for parenting,

But we are making conscious and decisive efforts towards understanding the fundamentals of caring.

We wish that you would forgive us for the mistakes we’ve made in raising you.

We hope you will understand that we are doing our best.

Oh, and it’s ok to talk to us too.


Concerned Caregiver 

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Globally, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people between the ages of 15-29 according World Health Organisation (WHO). The rate of suicide amongst young people in Nigeria has also increased especially in the last few years. One of the challenges in recent times being a parental disconnect between them and the children.

As young people growing up, it is becoming more and more difficult for parents and caregivers to know what they’re thinking and feeling. Young people often do not know how to communicate with their parents especially if they didn’t grow up comfortably talking to and with them. They will even retreat the more if they feel threatened or unwelcomed.

Parents are often distracted with providing for their children- howbeit well intended- that they forget to be present in the lives of their children. When do the normal ups and downs of teenage years become something to worry about?

Times have changed and parents need to realize that strategies that worked for them while growing up might not necessarily work today. People no longer handle pressure like before and so parents and care givers need to change their approach in tackling some of the issues faced by their children.

Your child is not stubborn; he or she might just need attention or might be struggling with psychological disorders. It is therefore important to be knowledgeable about the factors that can put a teen at risk for suicide so that you can better prepare and be equipped to handle such situations.


Suicide is the process whereby someone takes his or her own life and one of the leading causes of suicide among young people is depression and substance abuse.

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