Letting go of false truths

Scent of hope is a reminder that there are always two sides to a coin. We love you and help is avialable.

By Azubuike Hannah

I’m not good enough

Daddy is taking Ada out for the third time because she aced her exams and I did not

It’s the 4th time I’m being dumped for the better one who happens to bear my second name

Yes! I took the pain to please my team and they chose David instead to take the lead

Right now, I can’t look my wife in the face because I was not strong enough to rescue our only son before the car exploded in my face

It’s 5 of 5 times I gave my opinion only to be overlooked by Tunde, my coworker, who later brushed it up at the board meeting and was given a cool offer

I even bet my life savings on the victory of my soccer club but the other club won

And now, I remember that it was momma who never believed a word I said because of the lie I told when I was two

 So before I take my baby steps to death, let me tell you that life has left me bullied by these thoughts and actions and betrayals, and my pride has been bruised with many rejections


“But as i would come to realize YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH”

I resorted to alcoholism but… wait!

My religion abhors it

So I’m formally depressed

These are the few I can tell

So your ears won’t tingle from the gory details of the rest

And the gestures bid me go

Far away. From this world and all the wickedness in its breast.


Until I met one who told me I was made for so much more

Though the world’s pressure is heavy on me?

But one sure word.

Though I have been tagged as a sore looser and my dreams are dying

But one true word.

Though the stem of a tree be cut off and its roots wither but with the scent of water…

..That tree will grow again”

So before you pull the trigger to your brain

Or drink that mixture

Or have a last look at the beautiful skies as you sink in to the deep

Or tie that rope round your neck


Or write your last letter,

Give me the chance to rescue the hero in you

Let me a minute to whisper to you that you are the one the skies have been waiting for

Allow me to give you this scent of hope that there’s one who believes in your breath, your scent, your accent, your color, your posture, your smiles.

Your tears are so treasured so much that every drop sends a signal to the one who created you

Truly you’re the apple of his eyes

And these misdeeds are remodeling you into a masterpiece

Your past does not define your future

You are equal and more to that problem you’re facing

You’re the champion waiting to happen

So don’t give up, hang in there!

And just before another ‘false truth’ comes knocking at your mind’s door

Accommodate this one truth

“You are good enough!”

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