3 thoughts on “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

  1. I agree. I always get the excuse “oh she’s still young” or “she still has to learn.” I will be truthful and say for most things they are right but not everything. I really think that older people are just conditioned to say “oh he’s young” or “he’s young.”

    1. Hello…
      it’s the same way the younger generation feel the ‘older ones’ don’t get them… My prayer though for both parties is that they do not miss out on the blessings God’s got for them by a reson of ‘a conditioned mindset’… The younger generation need to pray for more wisdom as they acquire experiences (so they channel the mind of God more acurately) and the older folks need to pray for more ‘humbling’ grace (so by reason of their experiences, they don’t say more of them and less of God)…

      I appreciate the honesty, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Cheers…

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