This is not to discredit the celebration of love, rather,  my intension is to see love celebrated the right way!


Why build me a house
If you won’t be in my home?
Why pay the children’s fees
If you won’t be part of their eduction?
I guess half bread is better than none…
…but why then pretend in the disguise
Of this world’s deceit to have your bread full?
as we popularly end our ‘say’
First off-
Valentine is a name of a Person.
They called him Saint Valentine
Last I checked- that’s not you!
Take advantage of the valentine
But love has no special day
Love is special EVERYDAY.
I didn’t treat you special yesterday
Because nobody was watching
It wasn’t the 14th
So there wasn’t any tradition to enrol in
So today I spend my money buying you things:
Cookies, roses…other perishables all made the list
But never think to invest in the nasty attitudes
You would wake to see tomorrow.
And so on this special day like I did last year
I tell you I love you
Even in the voice of Valentine
Only to remember its meaning exactly a year from today
We were never soul-mates
Nor did you believe in fairly tales
Yet you ‘valentine’ me with the thoughts
Of what love could be- year in, year out.
Without ever experiencing your heart.
Valentine is not a time for new love
To avoid being lonely,
It’s rather a time to rekindle old sparks
To brighten a better ‘togetherness’
Not just a flare of romance
It’s not just from valentine
Yes- his legacy lives on…
It’s from YOU
but do you worth the value
The esssence…. the Significance?
To be called in valentine’s theme-
Happy Valentine- from a willing heart of love- that not based on this world, but birthed in truth and for the purpose of a better Us- as it begins with me!!!

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  1. Waziri

    ….. And he killed this post with the TRUTH!!!

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