And so, I thought to myself- Yo Tosin, what did you just do… I know this feeling…. Holy Spirit take the lead- what’s past has passed for a reason. Therefore I put up this piece for any one that has ever been in love or hurt from love and to those who will be in love soon enough (again). It’s an outpouring of the mind, Learn from it- it’s an Idea, a perspective to your situation, unique to your own understanding.  Learn from it-
the 1st 6 stanzas gave ‘birth’ to the 7th stanza, which in turn produces the last 5 stanzas. This is a contextual piece, Happy Read!
Still relevant were my imperfections,
Yes I was full of repeatations,
Even though I had full blown confessions
that I was never going to lose focus on you my mission.
You see,
When I first began on this mission,
I could have sworn nothing was going to cloud my visions,
I knew within me I had all the provisions,
Because the definition of my passion wasn’t fiction.
My intuition told me if only I drove far enough,
My credibility would be good enough;
So I yielded to the pain- hurt- tears- only long enough
to realise ‘near enough isn’t always good enough’
I was set to make a difference,
But became selfish and
things began presenting themselves differently,
The change didn’t come from anything else
but the man that became different
And yes- they are indeed different!
Like fractions,
We began dividing our future actions,
Knowing no compromise,
we apologised with each subtraction,
Subjections- as we floated on cloud nine with each motion.
As with more and more intense pressure,
it became more rocky
I feared for the present because
though the future smelled rosy,
In the now- what I feared presently exist as ‘us in the past’
When I first started on the this mission,
I had a pretty good definition of my position
we promised and hoped she would last.
We fell and blamed it on time
we grew distant and blamed it on distance
we lost touch for the fear of the communication we couldn’t account for
we fell in love and lost lust infatuated it from us
If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t try to impress you
I wouldn’t try to please you beyond my control
I wouldn’t pretend to be someone else
I would try so hard, not to be obsessed about you
If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t be selfish for me
I would be selfish for us
you would never be wrong with me
I would only tell you about your wrongs
If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t love your with all my heart, soul and body
I would rather love you as my neighbor
then, as myself
I wouldn’t love you more- I wouldn’t love you less
If I could turn back the hands of time
we wouldn’t ignore our shortcomings
encouraging us to significantly not take notice
our love wouldn’t be blind- I promise
at sight, with love- in time; we would always correct each other
But I can’t turn back the hands of time
I come into our love with One Less mistake
if there is anything I’ve learnt, it’s that
I love you, is more than just a word.
I Love You.
With LOVE,

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  1. This peom says alot.

  2. Waziri

    Wow…. Beautiful piece.

    1. Thanks bro, there is always a message in every mess

    2. The shirt in the blog is a sample of what we talked about.

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