Darkness is just an adjective
That cease to exist with the coming of Light.
Her entrance brings Glory,
She shines as the evidence of her presence…
‘You are the Light of the world…’
Does the world know you?
‘… a city set on the hill cannot be hid’
Are you still to the public- private?
You are relevant and needed
In the house* of your destiny.
In veiw of your purpose;
The reason you were created,
The reason you are the way you are-
You will matter 100% in that home*
This is your Light- your Life
Doing what He has called you to do.
Anything else would explain why you’re not shinning!
You are beautiful
He is beauty
You are human
Yes- He’s been human too
You are Image-
Created in the the likeness of the Father
You are Light because He remains ‘the Light’…
Just like the sun
If you are not in the appropriate point of ‘existing’
As in, the exact location,
Your consequent surrounding
Would either be too hot and burn
Or too cold and freeze
Be at your point of Relevance!
Oluwatosin Olabode

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2 Thoughts to “Are You At Your place Of Relevance?”

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    1. I pray you God’s devine blessings upon your life and ministry… may He open doors no one can shut and be with you all through the process!!!
      Thanks for always being a part of this blog.

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