Do you remember that unborn child?
Do you remember that aborted idea?
Do you still remember, the days that have come to pass?
Today is that aborted child’s birthday.
Today, that idea was meant to safe a life.
Today is the day, you tried so desperately to forget.
Feeling bad isn’t good enough!
People judging you is even worse!
The most annoying though, is blaming it on life!
You are unto thyself a god.
The power of control over your life is in your acceptance.
You are the course of your ‘problems’ and with equal weight- ‘solutions’.
You can change your future but never the past
What’s done is done
Regretting affects your approach to the future
It never influences the past
What’s done is done
It’s bad enough that you were in a mess
Stop missing the message therein
The pain is only worth it if the essence is learnt
Imagine the pains of labour without any child brought froth
As we remember today our markers
                                           And Pointers;
Those things the world has labelled us with
Let us not look back but forward HOPEFUL
With an attitude of gratitude to the one that has kept us thus far.
Dear God,
I come from a long list of generation EX
Abortionists… Addicts… hypocrites…
The list goes on and on- you know were you once were
You know were you still are…
Forgive me
Forgive us
Forgive them
For we now know
Though we knew not what we were doing.
Happy birthday dear- had I been strong, you would be 20 today.
Welcome to the world my long lost idea- it’s never too late.
Yes I remember those days- they are the fuel channeling my future aright.
Oluwatosin Olabode (sst).
God bles you.

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