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Don't You Dare!

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‘Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it…. there is only one Law-giver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you- who are you to judge your neighbour?’ – James 4:11-12.
Don’t You Dare!
Don’t you dare judge me;
you’ve no idea what I’ve been through.
Don’t you dare judge me;
you have no idea who I would become
to conclude on my present.
Don’t you dare,
don’t you dare judge me…
This stigma has eaten us deep enough. People need to stop feeling better than us even if they think they are. We all need to stop intimidating others by reason of the grace (through Christ) that we’ve attained; this grace that others do not have the knowledge of yet. Without complete knowledge or absolute understanding- they need to stop condemning me, no matter how bad I’ve become, for even Christ himself, never came to condemn me (John 3:17), though He is our Chief Judge (Psalm 96:13, Ezekiel 18:30, 1 Peter 1:17).
‘Do not judge or you too will be judged… you hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eyes, and then you will be able to see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eyes…’
Matthew 7:1-5
‘You therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself… so when you, a mere man pass judgement on them and yet do the same things, do you think you would escape God’s judgement?…’
Romans 2:1-5
We are asked to ‘examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith. To test ourselves’ to realize Christ is in us (2 Corinthians 13:5). If Christ is in us, then we are a representation of Him here on earth. This implies that our actions as Christ-like people, Christians and God’s creation; should be in line with the Image and Person of Christ Jesus.
‘Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you would be forgiven’– Luke 6:37
‘For (even) God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world though him’- John 3:17
The concept of judging entails having a strong opinion about something- trying to evaluate that thing. To be able to accomplish this task one would need to be on the absolute- So as to gain total understanding of all perspectives and motive.
Now, because man is limited by reason of knowledge- only God is fit to judge the heart of man. However, man is allowed to judge the character of man, for by this; we are absolute by the word of God- the living word of God.
(1 Corinthians 6: 2, 4-5, 2: 15)
In doing the above, we judge (rebuke, correct) the sinfulness of man. We do not judge (condemn) the sinner. We put into perspective a careful and exact attitude of Christ (Romans 5:8). Every judgment a man makes must be backed-up by the word of God, because man judges based on preference, perception, mind-set and in totality; the knowledge he has acquired. This alone can be the foundation of all errors because like a writer puts it:
‘That you are strong in someone’s weaknesses, does not mean you are not weak in someone’s strength’– Double_ST *sst*
This is why God in His word asked us not to judge by human standards (John 8:15-18), and appearances (John 7:24, James 2:1-4). We are asked instead to be carefu,l for we judge unto the Lord (2 Chronicles 19:6). For this understanding to make meaning in our daily living, obedience to the word of God and principles is key and a necessity, as this unlocks its potentials (Zechariah 3:7, 1 King 3:9-13); for by ourselves, we can do nothing (John 5:30).
The place of judging people is in the hands of God- for he is all-knowing. We are admonished by Apostle Paul in Timothy to preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction (2 Timothy 4:2). Nowhere- nowhere in Scripture are we asked to judge (condemn) anyone! 
Food for Thought-
‘The saint and the sinner- who is more likely to make heaven? If the Saint- who then is he, but one that was once a sinner. If this is true; what then makes you so sure that this sinner too won’t make it to heaven? Not as he is off-course, but as he would be when you correct and not condemn him; thus allowing God’s grace to work in Him’- Double_ST *sst*
They will sing before the Lord
for He comes
He comes to judge the world in righteousness
and the people in his truth- Psalms 96:13.
So if you want to judge me and you are not God- DON’T YOU DARE!!!

Feel free to correct me though… God Bless.
Oluwatosin S. Olabode SST

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3 thoughts on “Don't You Dare!

  1. I wish people truly undstood this and better with it. I was talking to a friend from college last week, who now lives in Colorado and we have recently reconnected. And she asked me if I was, Christian at that time. She said she was in a dark place, had a boyfriend who wasn’t treating her well and she was doing some things that weren’t very healthy, but I was always nice to her.
    Her father is a minister and she had gone away from her upbringing if you will. So I told her having been brought up in the church of “can’t”, “better not”, and “no you shouldn’t” I found myself being very judgemental. But at that time I was going through my own self-discovery and I never saw her in the way she saw herself. She told me she really appreciated my being her friend and not judging her for how she was living her life it meant a lot to her and she was surprised by it. She now has her own ministry with her husband (not the guy from college) and doing well. I guess what disturb me about the conversation is she thought a Christian would not have been as accepting of her and in fact judged her and wouldn’t have befriended her. In many cases this probably would’ve been true. So I thanked her as she was very grateful for for that experience. But after we hung up, I kept thinking about what she said. So I emailed her a short time later and told her even though I appreciated what she said, I think people just really want someone to be nice to them and I was glad that I could be that to her. I have no idea if that has anything to do with where she is now but at least she knew then no matter what she was in a judgement free zone.

    1. This is so nice a testimony. I’m always filled with joy when we can be compassionate to people that come our way no matter what.
      It is easy for us most times to be judgmental of the weaknesses of people we don’t have ( how could she have slept with that guy before marriage… how could he steal the money… how could this… how could that). But find some level of compassion for the weaknesses we do have ( you knoiw how it is, everyboidy lies, it’s noit a big deal- it is just human nature to be a gossip, don’t blame her… this and that, just because we are also guilty of them).
      One thing Christian MUST learn and emulate is the attitude and lifestyle of the Christ they ‘claim’ to represent. Her fears wasn’t far from the truth, in ‘certain cycles’ she would have just gotten hate instead of the love, care and positive encouragement.
      Thanks for being true to who you are with her- now she’s a blessing to many natioins.!!!

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