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Be Limitless in Your Thought

This is a Beautiful Guest post from my every own Friend and Family- Elizabeth Gbemi, Enjoy!!!

One day, a preacher was preaching. He was so passionate about his message that in the bid to back his message up with concrete evidence, he decided to talk about certain people in the society. He was talking about raising children and he got to the corrupt and seemingly impossible children and I heard him say; ‘the rich man’s children’, they are always this and that and those. When you talk of armed robbers, pen fraudsters as well as internet fraudsters’ blah, blah… then the lady beside me, so caught up with the preacher’s message concurred and said ‘awon ni o’*. This is to say that the rich man’s children are the corrupt ones. Then this came to my mind; don’t you intend becoming rich someday too? If you do and actually become rich some day, won’t the same be said of you? Be limitless in your thoughts.

The Holy Bible says ‘as far as you can see’. Our God created us to be limitless, that is why He expects us to abound in all good things. He is not narrow-minded otherwise; he wouldn’t have created the whole world in five days only for one man to reside in it. He had a master plan in mind even right from the beginning. He knew He was creating that man to subdue the earth. Were it not so, He probably would have created a small garden in few seconds.

Take the issue of the ark for another example. God told Noah to make an ark. He told him the precise thing He had in mind, although he never revealed the main plan He had in mind to Noah. Even though God had intended the larger part of the ark for those He created in His own image, He also knew they were very headstrong and rebellious. So He had another set of creatures He intended to occupy the ark in mind. He knew that with those on board, He would still get much more than those that were on ground because of his first command which is for them to multiply and subdue the earth.

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adebayo, a renowned man of God based in Nigeria is known as a man of great faith and power of God. He is an earthly and present example of a visionary He bought the now popular Redemption camp several years ago. At that time, many people thought he was foolish or even mad. ‘Why would someone acquire so much land when he has not finished building the ones in town?’ Many would have even thought the project impossible until today that everyone now sees in clear terms what originally was obscure and even seemed mad or foolish. This great man of God was not limited in his thoughts and so many lives are dependent on that thought that today has become a reality. DREAM BIG

The Wright brothers at the time they abandoned their primary occupation for a ‘greater venture’ would have been thought foolish by all and sundry. They decided that they could create something that would defy the law of gravity and not only that but that such vehicle would be able to convey humans and goods flying high up in the sky. Well, they got their dream sooner than later and are today remembered not as mere men but as great achievers. These men kept dreaming. They never stopped expanding their horizon in their minds neither did they limit their thoughts to some laws propounded by a few people. They also did not keep dreaming without working towards what they thought very important but were driven by those thoughts to achieve greatness that we all are beneficiaries of today.

A name that will forever stay in our hearts also is Tayo Aderionkoun, a foremost business man who brought the idea of zero naira minimum balance into banking. This idea has greatly helped the banking sectors of today in the sense that the idea attracted more customers. More interesting is the opening of accounts with zero naira and zero charge. Students will forever be grateful for these innovations. This man thought, together with members of his tem of a way of improving banking and thereby getting customers and they came up with some of these risky ones I have mentioned but weren’t deterred because they saw the huge success in their minds. Again tell you DREAM BIG

When I was a lot younger, I could pick up anything I found that looked like a microphone and would sing time and again until my voice was hoarse or I began to feel a nagging headache or I’m forced to do so. At that time it was only immediate family that appreciated my voice because I had a deep masculine baritone voice. One of the older girls who had the opportunity of singing aloud and appreciated in the choir once said that I sang like a frog. I was hurt and went crying to my father who told me to tell her ‘thank you’ the next time she made any such derogatory statements. Today, not out of arrogance, I stand before kings to sing. If I had dwelt on that negative statement and such that were like it, and decided to stop thinking I wasn’t a great singer, my voice probably who would have become what she thought it was. But no! I wouldn’t dwell on that. I dusted my battered ego and continued to dream, think in my heart that I would get there and make it. Here I am today and believe me when I tell you that I’m still going places.

What are your dreams?
What are you doing and putting in place to achieve them?
Are your dreams as small as your stature, resources, education…?

I put it to you today that until your dreams, thoughts are bigger than what and who you really are at the moment, you may never get there. So again I say: DREAM BIG! THINK BIG like Ben Carson would say.


                                    *Yoruba for ‘they are the ones’

Elizabeth Gbemi  

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