Some people be like
     What was she thinking committing suicide
     How could he beat up his wife
     Why did she cheat on her boyfriend
     Why this…. why that…. why did they find succour in the WRONG THING…
Excuse me
   Have you ever been in a situation sooo bad, your only hope was to take your life and you DID NOT KNOW GOD?
  Have you ever been so wrongly treated and hurt so badly by the one you love, and the only thought of comfort was the temptation in your heart and YOU DID NOT KNOW GOD…
            Ooooooo YEA, YOU haven’t, least you be the condemned!!!
    Aren’t you tired of judging people for the sins you don’t commit?
  … isn’t it funny how you get upset when people do talk about the sins you do commit?
Like its okay to condemn lesbians and gay people because its so irritating yet you are a Porn Addict? Don’t get me WRONG… but read John 3:17….2 Timothy 3:16…
Before you condemn someone STOP and think, couldn’t one of the reasons you are strong in someone’s weak point be to offer a helping hand?
To have a glimpse of what people (including yourself)are going through, and what others can and should do to help in God’s grace… make sure you get my soon to be released book ‘ThE IdeaL BeinG’…. at your favorite online stores this OCTOBER…
Remember, ‘that you are strong in someone’s weakness doesn’t mean you ain’t weak in someone’s strength’-sst.
Oluwatosin Olabode. Sst
Coauthor of The Big One.

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