Please Have Me Back

Sst, poem, regret, love, life grace, truth,

I drifted far away,
but to your call,
i want to return.

Dear Jesus, I miss you,
i love you and desperately need you.
You are my fisrt love;
and I still get butterflies
just thinking about you.

You didn’t lose me to death,
You lost me to life.
I got carried away by her multifarious nature,
I thought I was living
but deep down I knew something was missing,
just wasn’t ready to admit it-

Gladly Lord Jesus!
If you would have me again,
have I come; this time to stay,
You are my everything,
and with solid prove,
I now know, I’m nothing without you.

Yes Jesus,
This time with no shame.
Yes Jesus
I’ll be yours…
…Just please have me.
This time, I am for real-

Olabode oluwatosin (sst)

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