Why do you go to church?
Why do you do morning devotion?
Why do you go for weekly fellowship?
Why do we do religion?
Is it because it was set for us???
Because if  it is, it’s not wrong- but, it is not enough to live by rules made before you alone.
Yes, it might be your choice to go to church, but was it your choice to go between 9-11am on sunday as the case might be?
Yes, it might be your choice to do morning devotion, but was it your choice to do that in the morning (I speak this way because, if the world had afternoon devotion, we might have found ourselves doing that too, but since their isn’t; little wonder why people don’t communicate with God any other time of the day)?
And so on and so forth…
We have been given free will to serve God not just as an induced service, but also in our own making. We must understand that, “Religion builds your standard from people’s perspective, but a Relationship with Christ builds your pesonal growth with God”- Neither religion nor relationship alone but both makes a healthy worship.
Why don’t you try and meet God in your own timing also today and hence forth!!!
     This article has nothing against religion and it is in no way asking you to stop all the godly things already going on in your life and church. What it is actually saying is that, added to what you have already by reason of religion, should be you making up your time also in serving God in truth and in spirit and not just depending solely on an induced service.
God bless you…
Olabode oluwatosin

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