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My Neighbour

Who is my neighbour?
Whose neighbour can I say I am?
Is it the person I percieve to be close to me?
Is it the person I expect to be close to me?
Is it the person I thought might be close to me, or
Is it someone I never knew was close to me?
Could it even be all of these people, one way or the other???
This story is based on the parable of the good samaritan. The term “good samaritan” used here is an oxymoron- the jews believed the samaritans to be bad people, yet were described “good” by a jew-  ( in context ), likewise, could yours be that those you have rejected are actually the accepted once for you?
Well, this message describes the characteristics of a neighbour, thus revealing to you whose neighbour you have being for the last …. years, even though you might (or might not) have known it-
Your neighbour isn’t just someone that can help you or someone you percieve to be close to you; your neighbour is more of a person YOU can help. What am saying here is, a person does not have to be able to help you to become your neighbour, they should be your neighbours nonetheless-
A neighbour is someone that shows kindness, a person that will risk not getting a reward to be nice to you… A neighbour is someone that will be there for you especially when nobody is watching- A neighbour is someone that will show mercy; regardless to whom, so long as genuine help is needed-
A neighbour is not a glory seeker, a pretender or someone trying to impress; a friend whose focus is solely on what he can get in return-
In the context of today’s message, you do not become a person’s neighbour based on his/her social, ethnic, economic, political, philosophical or religious status… People be like” this guy ain’t in our league… he is not fresh enough… she’s not even current… blah blah blah… assisting him ( being a neighbour to him ) might reduce our self worth ( status quo, class, dignity, etc.)”- And so, for the fear losing their EGO, by reason of the differences in backgroud and lifestyle,  they fail to identify such as their neighbours- until that warm heart ( a good samaritan )with the knowledge of the truth ( the truth is “who you are, is who you are”) comes to the rescue-
The idea of being a neighbour to someone, does not connote a state of stupidity- There is a difference between humility and foolishness. Verse 27 of Luke 10 says, ” He answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ You have to be careful and not careless in dealing with people ( as in this case your neighbour ).
The above was brought to life from a study of Luke 10: 25-37, the idea that strangers (note, a stranger to you, could also be a person with a lower life standard than you, anyone you wouldn’t naturally consider associating with) are most often neglected ( because of those will Perceive, Expect, and Think to be our Neighbours ), cannot be overemphasised. So, as an answer to the first series of questions I asked;
                    Yes, My Neighbour Is That Person I Never Thought Was Close to Me!!! ( inclusive are those I know to be close to me also-)
God’s blessing upon you, as become a neighbour to those God has allowed you cross paths with-
                     With Love,
               Olabode Oluwatosin.

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