Man's Art VS God's Art

This is a guest post from a very special friend and colleague-
Miss Keenea Tope Auta
Coauthor of “The Big One”
And blogger at
While Man’s art is the product of his imagination,
God’s art is the image of God.  
While Man’s art has no life,
God’s art definitely has life;
And z given life.  
While Man’s art is adored by man,
God’s art adores Him.  
While man speech communicates with his maker,
God’s speech reflect his living and written word;
Himself, us His image.  
Man’s work possesses his thoughts,
God’s image posseses the attributes of God.  
While man’s love is understandable,
God’s love in man outstrips comprehension.  
While man’s essence in his works are, but for awhile,
God’s essence in man are immortal.  
Man communes for his handwork,
God’s handiwork communes with Him.  
While man’s thoughts are put into “doings”
God’s thoughts are put into “beings”.  
Man’s nature z to  run from trouble,
God’s nature z ever present in times of trouble.  
Man’s craft is but one-
It is that one, like many others,
Man thinks his art is good,
But it’s always updated, to be  made better.  
God’s craft is YOU,
And certainly the best!
You are that one, not like any other.  
While Man’s art z d expression of himself,
God’s art  z d expression of God’s self.  
God knows His art is perfect,
Simply cuz it’s you.
It’s time for YOU to key into that too.  
You are God’s art,
Fearfully and wonderfulfully made.
You are the special one,
Yes you are…
Happy New Year from me to YOU
Much love

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