Over familiarity kills the soul… “oh! that’s not for me, I learnt that …. Years ago”. When the word of God becomes so neutral that you already understand every concept, also, when more of scripture means less to you, then you know you are in trouble; digging your own very grave…
       Everyone should keep tabs with His God and not the god of the world, for my God for instance, came to His own and they rejected Him, He came to the world but the world knew Him not…when you keep tabs with your God, it entails you have reached a stage of personal encounter and relationship with Him… Those that keep tab with the God of the world, that their pastor fantasise about( the god loved by the whole wide world) should be remainded that its still a religious lifestyle they are living with Him… God has given so much more, why settle for less? As you go to service today…  
For once:
Forget about the freshness of the building
Forget the flyness of your pastor
Forget hating on that sinner whose presence in church irritates you
Forget about the flaws of God’s ambassadors (officiating ministers)
Forget the latest designer clothing you are wearing
Forget about everyone else
Forget about yourself in absolute totality
Get lost in worship to the King…
Do not be decieved
Do not be carried away by temporary feelings
Pick a permanent knowledge of Christ…  
Remember whom you CLAIM you came to serve
Remember to worship Him in Truth and in Spirit
And most importantly,
Remember, their is a difference between sound teaching and a preacher that can preach good.  
Have an awesome time in His presence
With love,
Olabode Oluwatosin.

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