An advice to self-

Art by keenea

Dear me…  
Remain strong,
Though not forgetting your gentleness.
Neglect people’s misconception of your soft-heartedness
It’s not weakness to be who you are…
Never be scared of being vulnerable
It’s human nature to abuse you nonetheless
Let your beliefs be outwardly apparent;
Very impressive will be…you retaining your dignity also…
With her, be tender…
Loving and affectionate,
Exude qualities of Truth
Become her fantasy in real life
Let her crush on you, again and over eternally…
Open her to her innermost worth
Show her she’s loved like no other…
You are “A Man”
The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
Allow His Spirit tutor you
Grow constantly…gradually in Him
Seek counsel in His Majistic nature
And you will become “The Man”  
Be reflective
Think before you act
“I am in no way qualified to advice you”
But the greatest gift you can give yourself
Is YOU!!!
Be true to who you are…  
“I love you like my Twiny loves me
Take good care of yourself…
With love
Olabode Oluwatosin

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