A seed of Kindness


Be kind
Be considerate
I mean to those that don’t know you;
Those that cannot do anything for you,
They people nobody will acknowledge you for…

Be kind
Be considerate
To those passing through your life,
To those who won’t be around for us to boast about,
To those you are not trying to impress,
To those that have no idea about your reputation…

Be kind
Be considerate
It’s a habit,
You shouldn’t have a reason.
As to those that know us,
And will give us credit,
And will have a good name…

Be kind
Be considerate
Don’t be in a hurry
Stop rushing

Don’t miss the little opportunities
To sow seeds of kindness:
Open that door,
Compliment that person,
Allow that person pass you,
Don’t insult that person you are not buying from…

Be kind
Be considerate
Have a simple heart,
Forget the pride,
God remembers your every deed…

A test of faith.
Be kind
Be considerate

Olabode Oluwatosin

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