Kingdom Business

This is the Father’s gist to us, His children…
  Heaven is looking for soul winners; people who will make heaven rejoice (Luke 15:7), people willing to totally submit to God’s authority ( Can heaven recommend you for this work?).
     It’s not about been a christian, it’s about what your Christianity does in people’s life ( remember,  Christianity is a lifestyle, so, if people see you and cannot see Christ, then you’re not a christian). Christians behave like Christ; if you don’t, you don’t… Christianity is not about getting wealth, you can’t have what you already have; you can only have more, but in Christ, you have “most”!!! So, I don’t see a christian looking for what he already has in totality.
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ”- Ephesians 1:3
      The above scripture says “who has” not ‘who will”… Christianity is about taking it ( Yes and Amen ), Christianity is living the future in God’s past ( context; remember, we behave like Christ, which only means Christ must have first behaved in a way we are now following ).
     Exploring this scripture, for instance,
“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”- Philippians 4:19
     Now, because your ministry as a christian is a take it ministry, doesn’t mean you will not work to get it. The above verse says, “shall” not “might”, which simply means whenever you’re ready to take it ( the work is you actually taking it, by the way), He is going to give you (because spiritually it has already been given and you have physically received it, what’s remaining now, is for you to take it ).
     Kingdom business is about taking the souls God has won ( when he defeated the devil on the cross… this people have received their victory but the devil is deceiving them with various things, which blinds them from the truth of how easily they can access salvation in Christ Jesus), and bringing them back to him as His Holy Spirit works in you. As ambassadors of Christ, kingdom business entails heavenly connections; this is to say, living a life that connects people to God.
Olabode Oluwatosin
God bless.

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