Principle of the Weed-
     Whenever fresh good plants are grown, fresh good weeds spring up too, without permission and tend to even grow better (if care is not taken) than the real plants. This same truth is applicable to life; when something good is about to happen, when God is ready to bring out something new in you, something else that is bad and capable of destroying that good (off course,  only with your permission) naturally comes up.
     From the lesson of the plant and weed, only the planter (farmer) can save the plant 100% by making sure no particle of that weed remains through various SET means… The plant on its own cannot fight the weed completely. This same principle applies to life; no man can fight the challenges that comes to his life as a result of the new things God is about doing ( or is already doing) for him, unless with the help of the Holy Spirit (that is, God).
     Just like in the concept of the plant and the weed; even when the weed is removed in stage one of the plant’s life, when the plant hits stage two, another weed springs up (and continuously like that), so also is it with life. For every new step you take, there is a new distraction ( whatever the hindrances might be), unless you have CHRIST your creator  ( as the plant, the farmer!), you would fall into those distractions-
     However, there is a stage the plant reaches, that the weed becomes insignificant, as its effects become fruitless and useless; better put, the weed becomes as though, absent. This is the same effect living your life with Christ has, when you put your trust so strongly in him, the weeds (distractions, e.t.c.) begin to ask “HEY YOU, HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED US ?”. It’s a level you reach in Christ, that hell must fear !!!   
In the words of SST-
                    ” IT’s A LEVEL Hell BETTER NOT TRY”.
     My charge to you; Dear Reader, is to stop worrying and complaining about the things life owes you, and use this little understanding to connect more directly with your Creator, so you do not owe Life anything when your time comes…
Yours truly,
Olabode Oluwatosin
God bless.

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