I became one- A Prostitute  
…Evil desires…
…Passions of the flesh…
My lower nature,
Amonsgt they that had me…  
My soul was panting,
I just couldn’t resist her”
Give it a try I thought!
It’s pleasure and ALMOST DONE…  
For a price of love,
I gave my beauty away;
Like a vegetable losses nutrients in a rinse…  
Temptation isn’t overwhelming,
When it’s with the unloved;
Like Joseph with portiper’s wife.
“But when it comes to the one with whom you see a future,
I mean; the one your heart has already committed too,
Its most assuredly… not easy…”  
…With this excuse, I fell-
I let lose my guard,
I became ONE, while becoming one flesh…
My licentiousness had me.
It was fun, I must confess,
Then it became AGAIN and AGAIN…  
What’s painful is, I WAS a christian,
Flirting with every chance I got,
While remaining a brother/sister outwardly,
All the while thinking… with GRACE,
It’s just a normal thing,
More so, “we’ve got something going on”,
And God’s forgiveness shall abound.  
Man/woman speaking…  
“I’m only human-
I’ve tried to stay “single”; sorry “faithful”
…(Her breast, fully grown;well-shaped and up to date,
His chest, giving me that soothing, comforting and safe feeling,
Her lower lips… My gosh!!!
His scent releasing dopamine smell; Oh my!)…”
…Had me;
they kept calling “just one more…”
…Just one more…
I wasn’t told it was,
“One more step closer to condemnation”.  
Though I lost calibration with the Lord,
He didn’t leave without a fight.
For the joy set before me,
I was reminded, Honour and Righteousness… 
This disease is no respecter of person,
Your immunoglobulin don’t count;
Call it whatever you will:
Fornication,  adultery, obscenity,
Pornography, concupiscence, rape,
Orgy, homosexuality or incest…
She will kill you; not now, but in eternity-  
God speaking…  
“When you get in touch with me,
I do not spit your past all over you,
My time is better spent discussing the “PRESENT” “FUTURE”,
This nature is the sin you desired and picked,
Like any other;
I will forgive…
Just will, dear child, to come back home,
You tried on your own, remember?
But it was to no avail…
Just Come Back Home;
Like any other;
I’ll forgive and grant you peace”.
I will wait for you Dear Special One-
Don’t mistake it,
A conscious effort to let him lead over flesh…  
Now with God,
I’ve become one- A PROSTITUTE
A Pure Righteous Obedient Special Temple,
In Truth’s Unique Total Existence…
If I will; to make meaning from spelling…
My past is over .
Thank you Jesus.
I’m walking in God’s grace,
By the leading of His Holy Spirit;
     This is dedicated to anyone out there, who is fighting with sexual temptations of all sorts, to that person that has lost hope, to you, who, up until now, wasn’t conceived sexual immorality is wrong, to them that see prostitution as a rescue home, to that person that wouldn’t watch porn, but keeps tab with the current immoralities in our today’s bestsellers. IT IS DEDICATED TO YOU WHO HAS FALLEN AND IS READY (or already has) TO RISE AGAIN… NB… Your prostitution might not be standing by the road waiting for the next hotel/motel that will witness your latest skills; this context defines prostitution with respect to YOUR sexual impurity.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               With  a warm love,  
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Olabode Oluwatosin
                                                                                                                                                                                                               God Bless You…

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  1. To those that have fallen and are ready to rise again. God is ready to open arms to receive us. God bless you Tosin.

    1. Amen sir, God certainly is… Remain blessed.

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