Jesus !!!

He’s the one for whom the world was created
Whether in heaven or on earth, or even beneath the earth
Whether principalities or powers, or even kingdoms
Whether visible or invisible
He’s the sum of all creation…
He’s the one that founded the foundation of the earth in the air
Seperated the sky from the ground without any pillar
He’s the careful one that has made us full of care
So faithful; He made us full of faith…
He paid taxes though they called him a revolutionary
He was affirmed a carpenter but he confounded scholars
Religious folks waited forĀ  his church showcase yet
his first miracle was at a party
He was the one, “A JEW”- who exaulted the SAMARITIANS in the presence of critics
A holy man who hung around sinners
there’s nobody like him; a man whose presence was royalty yet lived like a pilgrim…
He’s victorious over death in the grave;
Champion of calvary.
He’s the resurrection and the life;
Great physician.
He’s the prince of peace;
Lamb of God.
He’s the living water that satisfies all:
Milk for children,
Meat for men,
Husband of the widow…
He’s the one who:
Created us for community
Fashioned us for fellowship
Design ed us for destiny…
He’s the one above all else.
He’s the unchangable changer constantly changing my unchanged challenges
He’s the sourceless source of all sources
He’s a God not just of second chances but of several chances…
He is JESUS-
He is JESUS !!!
Yours truly
Olabode Oluwatosin.

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