Priciples of Life

A Clear Motive-

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It’s not the external,
Stop judging from the exterior.
Whether you look good,
Or act as a saint on the outside,
It doesn’t change the inside,
What really matters; the internal.
The most important, the interior-
You see, the motive cannot be seen,
The appearances are very clear though!
Don’t be deceived by your right –choice-ness,
When there really is no righteousness…
You are not different; the real one,
Whether in public or privately.
God is not impressed by those that put up shows;
Holy outside, but full of internal poison
Condemning and saying it must be like this,
The way they understand it to be…
Honestly, what really matters is the attitude of the heart
Might not be perfect-
But God respects the inward understanding.
It’s not about feeling among,
It’s about knowing…
…knowing just enough to give Him the glory
Have a heart of love,
With a clear motive-
Let go, the pride…
While a good inside is reflected on the outside
A good outside is not necessarily a reflection of the inside.
Love God,
Certainly with a clear motive-

God bless
Olabode Oluwatosin Samson.

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  1. Sir u started a very good job and stoped half way…..plz kip renewin ur blog and send new post.don’t be too busy and forget ur callin. God bless u

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