0545e870True Church
The Structure-
You come into a church and all you say is wow!!! This is beautiful… the shining lights, well arranged chairs, instruments that can blow your mind “crazy,” flowers to neutralize the atmosphere while scenting His glory, everything just seems perfect. The preacher comes in well dressed, to introduce you to someone he knows so well is accurately perfect; which in turn captures your SPIRIT. The choir comes and captures your SOUL, you’re now like, “I must know him”. It’s time for prayers, they are telling you the visible can communicate with the invisible just by talking to Him. You are like “my God; this is mind blowing!!!” you do not even know Him yet, but you’re referencing Him already, because you are so sure it could not have been anyone else. The structure is so perfect. Remember, the first set of people you meet are the ushers, well organized, no fault on their side, welcoming you with a smile that can open heaven, Making You Forget All Your Sorrows, it’s The Perfect Church… A Home In Gods Dwelling.
The Person-
You come into a heart and all you can say is wow!!! This is beautiful, the purity of the spirit, the honesty of the mind (certainly focused on Christ), with a soul that is to the glory of the Father, a flesh that has given road to the Spirit to neutralize the body while scenting the presence of the Most High. Everything seems smooth and perfect. Your Being comes to introduce the entire body to the greatest of all LOVE, the One for whom the heart was and is created. At the appropriate time, every aspect of the body comes to reference Him, because there is actually nothing to hid; you are now like, “my god, this life is mind blowing!!!” You acknowledge His grace because, if it were for your strength, you would have still been in the flesh under the subjection of the world, but now all you do, think and say is the WORD; the word of God. Remember the first word that comes out of your mouth is God’s word, because Joshua 1:8 says, the book of law should not depart from our mouth… so therefore, all your conversations, actions and character contains the word; they contain God. The presence of God in your conversation gives the person a kind of joy and happiness earth is too tiny to comprehend. The kind of happiness that Makes You Forget Your Sorrows. The Perfect Church… A Heart In God’s Dwelling.
The structure was made available so man come appreciates God’s beauty in the union of fellowship….
The person was created as the temple of the Holy Spirit to house the Master Himself…
BY Olabode Oluwatosin

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  1. I pray to continually become church by his grace.nice article sir.

    1. Amen to that!!! God bless

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