Pray in season and out of season…
Prayer in its simplest definition is the act of talking to God. This is to say, any form of communication done towards God is a prayer offered to Him….
Say to them, ‘As I live,’ says the Lord, ‘just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will do to you:
Numbers 14:28 NKJV
When we speak to someone, it is naturally expected to get a reply from the person, so it is with God, though what you tell him determines the reply He gives you. When your prayer is praise, blessings are what He replies with, when your prayer is complain what you will get is calm down.
Prayer doesn’t say this is what you tell God, it says just tell God, prayer is from the heart and only from there.
Prayer is a feeling expressed to the appropriate authority…
Prayer is telling the truth as raw as it is, remember God is mighty, so prayer is not pretending because you want Him to think you are strong or you think He won’t be able to solve it. More so, He already knows your heart, what he wants is to know if you know this (if you trust Him)
He says pray in season and out of season, meaning God is ready to talk to us every second of the day, even anytime of the night, remember he doesn’t sleep; one of the reason been, so he can attend to you when you wake in the middle of the night to hear from Him…

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