I’m writing something a little bit different today; focusing on family, relationship and life. We live in a very fast generation where “people forget to remember” to consider; so long as they are fulfilling an aspect they think (and not know) is covering all others. A generation just like chess (where the loser is the opponent whose focus was only on his moves), were misunderstandings arise from thoughts never made sure. It is very easy to take for granted things freely gotten; the most important things of life… I pray this little piece gives a picture of what never to ignore….


What’s most important???

It’s the time you invest,

Not the by-products of “thought never made sure…”

It’s the company you keep,

Not the gifts you give.


It’s not the comfort of life you give,

It’s the comfort you share.

It’s not your accomplishment noted by your absence,

It’s the achievement portrayed by your presence.

It’s never found in doing,

What’s most important, is in “Being”

It’s never an “I THOUGHT”

It’s always an “I KNOW”…

Don’t you ever think, your hard work, putting food on the table, paying the bills and in such nature, are what’s most important; while those are important, they are not what’s most important…

“The best things in life aren’t things”… Art Buchwald.

“The things you provide for your loved ones should never spend more time than you do with those you provided them for; spend quality time with your loved ones, don’t give things to do that for you”… Olabode Oluwatosin.


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