God is love


When God is in love with you;
There ain’t nothing you can do about it,
He be, fantasizing about you all day long,
Writing your name all rosy on his palm,
Numbering your hair as though
With you, jobless He has become.
But in fact-
Nothing else is that important…
When God is in Love with you;
He’s not doing it because he expects her back,
Actually, nonetheless, he loves you anyways,
He be blushing all over you,
Thinking “this is the man (woman) after my own heart”…
When God is in Love with you;
He becomes omnipresence; just so he doesn’t have to leave you,
He cancels his eternal sleeping schedule; just so he doesn’t have to miss you,
Not even for a twinkling of an eye…
When God is in Love with you;
He presents you with high esteem,
Forming you so tenderly,
He has to constantly be mindful of you,
Remembering you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
What happens, when he creates you in his image…
When God is in Love with you;
There ain’t nothing you can do about it,
You just keep glowing and shining …
Radiating auspiciously with a glory,
Too peaceful and joyful for the world to comprehend…
When God says “I LOVE YOU!!!”
Check it, you were still messed up
It’s not who you become that attracts Him to you,
It’s who you are; His original creation,
No wonder, He never says “I LOVED YOU”…
When God is in Love with you,
He throws you a party on earth;
Allowing His grace, mercy, forgiveness… to work on (in) you
When you are in love with Him, giving Him your heart,
He throws you a party in heaven;
Writing your name in His “WHO TO RECEIVE” guest book of life…
I’m by name Tosin and I’m writing from experience. Christ had a crush on me long before I was even conceived (Jeremiah 1:5) and though I never knew him, on my arrival, he feel in love with me so irresistibly He asked me out immediately, after the usual “girlish feeling fly”; I SAID YES TO HIM. (Romans 10:9-10) Since then, have been pregnant with purpose, birthing a message of hope and God’s divine love even while I was yet a sinner (Romans 5:8)…
Here’s the good news, he’s deeply in love with you too. He’s dying (hahaha, he can’t die)… He’s living (no wonder His birthday is eternity):

  • To ASK YOU OUT (Rev 3:20),
  • To enjoy romance unscripted from the creator Himself(Isaiah 54:5)
  • To enjoy love unending from the never dying lover (Romans 8:31-39)

            I invite you to a relationship with Jesus (John 1:12), it’s why he created you in the first place (Genesis 1:26). When God is in love with you, there ain’t nothing you can do about it and guess what??? He is already in love with you, YES YOUUUU….





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