Man and Woman Becoming One in Marriage.


When a man and a woman are married, they are one in union. But when they have sex, they become one in self, How?
The man puts his seed (sperm into the woman and he (his seed) grows within her. Sperm contains DNA from the man, during sex; the sperm fertilizes an ovum (egg). Now it is important to remember that so many sperms go into the woman, so after one has fertilized, what happens to the rest that went into the woman?
Although it gets destroyed by body mechanisms, the DNA in that sperm of the man still undergoes processes in her body; that is why it won’t be so surprising to see long time married people beginning to look alike (the woman like the man)…
So the couple become one only because the DNA of the man joins that of the female.

Why is the DNA transferred just from the man?

Scripture says “man answers to God” and the woman answers to the man, meaning that the woman becomes the man, while the man is God-like, that is why the woman came from the rib of the man showing that the woman is part of the man, so a woman in marriage becomes her husband.
The decision of her husband should not be different from hers; they cannot contradict or work differently because they will destroy Him (the MAN they become). Imagine the body causing contradiction within itself; it surely will fall. So the woman will submit to man because she became him, she cannot be better at being him, so she must submit to him.
Yes, you may have quarrels in marriage just as sometimes your stomach may be aching and not want to work with your anus, so that’s just the way we have conflicts in our minds when making decisions. So it is because you are one, when you want to make decisions, you  may have conflicts in your mind, which may lead to quarrel, but a quarrel should always settle in the mind (even in normal situations) if a quarrel in the mind doesn’t settle, that individual will be confused and out of place and decision-less.

So why does God hate divorce?

Because you have become one in spirit and in flesh, God speaks to every marriage as one man, if a man is not completely incorporated with his other part, he cannot hear God. So God hates divorce not because He doesn’t understand that your wife is annoying or all the reasons you can give…
But divorce keeps His child away from Him, divorce will not let him hear, divorce hurts his child (because his child begins to think he has no Father, yet the problem is he cannot hear his Father).
You are the most valuable creation of God, so the only reason He hates divorce is because of what it does to you; so clouded, you cannot even hear Him.


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